DP Ruto’s mother Sarah Samoei: It is so painful to see my son tried by a foreign court


Deputy President William Ruto’s mother has narrated how painful it has been for her having his son face trial at a foreign court.

Speaking on Sunday at a prayer meeting in Eldoret, Sarah Samoei said she at one time told Ruto that it was painful for her to see him go through the trial.

However Ruto laughed her off, joking about her not eating well, yet she was not the one facing trial at the ICC.

“He joked at me and said I should not be worried because he is the one facing trial yet he eats and sleeps well,” she said.

She said whenever Ruto goes to The Hague, she fasts; tying a belt around her stomach and praying without taking food or water.

She said she has been praying that the crimes against humanity case facing Rito at the ICC to be dropped.

She thanked Kenyans who she said have continued to pray for Ruto and Radio Journalist Joshua Arap Sang over the cases.

Mrs Samoei also urged Kenyans to forgive each other over the 2007-08 post-election violence and move on.


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