Northrift Leaders question Rugut’s transfer from NYS


The ouster of National Youth Service (NYS) Director General Mr Kiplimo Rugut has been received with displeasure by a section of leaders from the North Rift region.

The leaders said the long serving career administrator was hard working and honest and wondered why he was moved from NYS where he had served barely for a year.

“We as northrift leaders are offended that Rugut was ousted from office just like that. I dint like it,” said Kapseret MP Oscar Sudy.

Sudy who whas speaking on KASS Radio morning show together with Nandi County Women rep Zipporah Kering said Rugut had a good track record as a performing public servant and should not have been removed.

“We want to find out the reasons why Mr Rugut was removed from NYS. Leaders who perform in their respective offices need to be appreciated for their good work,”said Kering.

Kering said it was unfair that the former top provincial administrator was removed from office in unclear circumstances.

She said Rugut had demonstrated a track record of hard work and honesty in discharge of duty and it was unfair to move him out with no reasons.

The leaders categorically stated that such a performing leader should be used as good guiding lights for other officials in service delivery.

Kiplimo Rugut who hails from Koilot,Nandi County rose from the ranks in the provincial administration and was a long serving Provincial Commissioner (PC) in Central province during former President Mwai Kibaki’s government.

He was promoted as NYS Director General in April last year and has now been moved to the ministry of sports headquarters to await redeployment.


2 thoughts on “Northrift Leaders question Rugut’s transfer from NYS

  1. I think there is something hidden by president Uhuru kenyattawhere he now want to saveguard his tribe only in top job opportunities.there is a clear indication that there is no 50-50% sharing they agreed in there agreement with deputy president William Rutto when they were forming Jubelee government.

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