Survey : Uasin Gishu residents Losing Confidence in County Government


Uasin Gishu County residents approval of the County Government appears to be plummeting,with the latest opinion poll revealing that most residents in Uasin Gishu think the county is heading in the wrong direction.

And the County Assembly remains the most trusted institution at 72 per cent, very high compared to that of Uasin Gishu Governor Jackson Mandago’s approval rating of 43 per cent,in the same opinion poll released today by Eldo Poll researchers.

The study has come at a time Governor Mandago’s administration continues to battle rising perception that it is corrupt with entrenched nepotism and is doing too little in terms of development.

The survey reveals that as many as seven out of ten residents(or 72per cent) believe the County Government led by Governor Mandago is taking Uasin Gishu County the wrong way.

That is a whole two-thirds of the people sampled in the survey. Only a minority (28 per cent) said things are going in the right direction. Among issues seen to be sinking the approval ratings of the one year old Mandago’s regime are its failure to address corruption,the high cost of doing business, poor road networks and nepotism in the County government.

It is only in Soy Constituency where the Governor enjoys support, with most respondents (58 per cent) polled saying the county is heading in the right direction. But a significant minority (32 per cent) in the same region said things are not so rosy.

Surprisingly, some of the strongest disapprovals are from Turbo Constituency, with three quater of the people polled (75 per cent) saying the county is heading in the wrong direction.

In Turbo constituency majority are said to be unhappy with the manner in which jobs in the County government are being dished out, saying Turbo has gotten a raw deal. Not surprisingly, the strongest disapproval came from Kesses Constituency, with an overwhelming 79 per cent respondents stating the county is going in the wrong direction.

Ainabkoi Constituency is the other area where Mandago’s administration received the strongest disapproval ratings (67 per cent) even though the Deputy Governor Daniel Chemno hails from the Constituency.

Even worse, more than half of those polled in,the survey (58 per cent) believe the County government has done nothing during the time it has been office.

The opinion poll was done from 2nd to 22nd April through face-to-face interviews,online sampling and through text messages that sampled 5200 residents across the county.The margin-of-error attributed to sampling and other random effect of this poll’s sample size is +/- 3.2 with a 90 per cent confidence level.

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3 thoughts on “Survey : Uasin Gishu residents Losing Confidence in County Government

  1. I believe the potential in Uasin Gishu is still intact and waiting to be exploited. But the county needs a real spin-doctor. A real PR master who will paint the image of the government to the people. But rightly put by the blog, the nepotism and incompetencies are just too much to allow that to happen. Its a few elements that the governor needs to check and he will appear good

  2. Exactly. The county government(I call it Mandago’s gov’t) because of how things are done,is but tearing apart!. Nepotism is at it’s peak,and wat can we say-Swallow the bitter truth!.
    A simple observation. In his proposed list of county secreataries,a lady-Chepkwony was appointed as from Turbo,yet she ails at the extreem ends of Kiplombe ward,where the MCA emerged from ODM!. Now,how can we say there was regional balance????.
    Kindly Mandago,keep in mind that,Pride comes be4 a fall(a mighty one)!,and you register as already been marked,esp by Turbo constituents.
    Hautatupeleka mbio mbio hivo!.
    Atleast wewe!,Isaac Melly sasa,sitasema kitu!.

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