Turbo MP Elisha Busienei hits out at Uasin Gishu Governor Jackson Mandago


Turbo MP Elisha Busienei has hit out at Uasin Gishu County Governor Jackson Mandago over failure to fulfill his political pledges.

Speaking to a vernacular radio station on Wednesday evening Busienei said Governor Mandago was only engaging in what he termed cheap politics.

He said Mandago has forgotten his obligations of ensuring that proper services are provided to the residents of Uasin Gishu County. Busienei said the residents were yearning to reap the fruits of devolution but so far nothing was coming forth.

He said despite the funds being allocated,the County’s Development record had not yet been felt. The MP said residents are still suffering under the same dilapidated schools, poor road network and other harsh conditions.

Busienei dismissed allegations that he was behind the recent move by MCA’s to impeach County Executives.He said it is the duty of County Assembly Leaders to champion for residents’ rights and ensure essential services are offered.

Busienei also lamented that Governor Mandago had sidelined Turbo Constituency saying no one from Turbo was appointed as County Minister. He further asked Governor Mandago not to punish the people of Turbo over their own political differences adding that Mandago was not consulting Members of Parliament from the County when it comes to development.



5 thoughts on “Turbo MP Elisha Busienei hits out at Uasin Gishu Governor Jackson Mandago

  1. am behind that legislature remarks and also to confirm that this guy mandago is abusing the office by rewarding those close to him,no fair and transparent recruitment in the county,the ECD teacher recruitment were actually the worst and guys lets style up and held this guys to hostage if need be….l was also wondering when senator invited nairobians from uasin gishu without prior agendas to discuss at railway club,,do they think we have capabilities of incurring other expenses for there mileage…lets feel the consequences of our choices but we are actually getting awaken

  2. it is serious if it is true the Governor has sidelined Turbo Cont.. on many issues, I think it is quite sad

  3. Uasin Gishu leadership have no agenda at all for the county.They are only known of being the most corrupt county.Calling Nairobians for a meeting at Railway club was utter Nonsense.

  4. Did the “governor” have any development agendas for the county in the first place? if so, did he himself know what the agendas were or was it just a catapult to propel him to the ‘office’.Such are the kind that should not be allowed to run our vastly rich county. the leadership of our county seem to be hibernating( vegetating would be more appropriate) and completely forgetting their sworn mandate. Where is the Senator as the catalyst? the MPs too are to blame H. Busienei included.
    they should shun cheap politics and strive to better the lives of the county residents.
    That said, 2017 ain’t that far away!

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