Kesses MP James Bett Presents Ambulance to Kesses Health Center.


[Photo File:Kesses MP presents the Ambulance to Kesses Health Centre]
KESSES CONSTITUENCY – The Member of Parliament Kesses Constituency James Kimaru Bett, yesterday presented an ambulance to Kesses Health Center.

The facility was funded from the MP’s Constituency Development fund(CDF) and is to be used to carry the sick and women in labour from remote areas in Kesses area to the dispensary.

Handing over the keys of the ambulance to the Health Centre Management Bett revealed he spent close to 5Million from the CDF to procure the ambulance for Kesses Health Center he also said he was going to ensure other Health Centres in Kesses constituency are renovated.

Bett said with the ambulance positioned at vantage points and health centers upgraded,maternal mortality and uneccesary deaths which has become a major challenge in the consituency would be reduced.


3 thoughts on “Kesses MP James Bett Presents Ambulance to Kesses Health Center.

  1. The man is service oriented and indeed he practices the urp motto of kusema na kutenda,keep it up Mheshimiwa by serving all kessesians irrespective of their party affiliations n diverse loyalties.

  2. kweli kazi inatendeka! MP’s wenzake, Mpo? wakeup! The road to lose 2017 election is wide while the road to win at that time is becoming narrow and slim. The choice is yours.

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