Uasin Gishu Governor Jackson Mandago Faces Impeachment

[Photo File: Governor Jackson Mandago]

The Uasin Gishu County Governor may soon find himself jobless after some members of Uasin Gishu County Assembly resolved to start impeachment proceedings against him.

Governor Jackson Mandago has of late been under increasing pressure from the Assembly with majority of the members expressing discontent over the manner in which he was conducting the affairs of the County Government.

And in a dramatic turn of events majority MCA’s on Wednesday announced that plans were afoot to start the process of ejecting the governor from office.

Sources revealed the MCA’s who are allegedly being led by Kapsuswa-Kuinet Ward MCA Rebecca Chepchirchir Magut have resolved to pass a vote of no confidence in Jackson Mandago, a move that could see him ultimately forced out of office.

Uasin Gishu County residents will now have to brace themselves for leadership changes in the County Government in view of the impending motion to send the governor home.

The governor is being accused of being arrogant with a habit of belittling the Members of the County Assembly by ignoring their development inputs and has made himself unavailable,unreachable and inaccessible.It is also further alleged development in the County was being done in a haphazard manner and without the input of the county residents.

Mandago also faces a strong censure over the manner in which his government has been conducting the recruitment of workers with accusation that he “dished out the jobs to his friends and political cronies.”

This new developments comes in the wake of a Censure Motion that has been tabled in the Assembly to axe three top County Officials.


10 thoughts on “Uasin Gishu Governor Jackson Mandago Faces Impeachment

  1. The same MCAs have been on unjustified trips to various countries often guzzling our Money.
    1.They haven’t shared what they learn t with the electorate
    2.They have their umbilical cord still tied to OSCAR SUDI their god
    3.They want to cover up their greed by targeting MANDAGO
    4.They have initiated ZERO Development on the ground and so want to gimmically divert electorate attention to one individual
    5.They want us to share their personal differences aginst the Governor
    6.The CIDP is a document all of us participated in and is the document that will drive development,the MCAs were not in most public fora bcos they were looking for allowances at the county,now they wake up and have no were to put their time barred suggestions

    By the Spider Group

  2. Uasin gishu county we will be all behind in development. this is with the only reason of politicking which is not neccessary as at now. i respect the MCAs because they are advocating for change but the county executive are delaying their work by not giving them information about the alleged devolved funds. its one year now and no any development made at all.where are we heading to.. or when other counties were awarded .uasin gishu wasn’t among.

  3. Ug county is in the records of most polorised counties in kenya,politics and corruption are the orders of the day,stil lagging behind in the traditional society stage of growth,the mca ar complaining coz they dnt hv a chance to fattened their pockets,electorates will just pay the taxes 4 the greedy leaders

  4. no wonder mca’s use there money to fuel tractors grading roads ,and by the way where is mestowot mca kaptagat tell him we are watching nothing done to kapnori roads ,so far ,no electricity yet the place has got electrical connnectivity within

  5. OSCA SUDI is financing MCAs to finish Mandago because he has refused to boot lick him, remember it him who planted the speaker let all genuine UG COUNTY RESIST THIS BARBARIC ACT

  6. Its absolute politics and arm-twisting by the MCAs… Though far from perfect, the Governor is doing a good job

  7. so far the gavana is doing gud job……n the only reason people want to reject him is bcz he is a principled guy n a man of his word….he doesn’t bow to any one…..owz mca’s should do their work n leave gavana afanye kazi yake.

  8. UG MCA especially kina rebecca should surrender all the plots they grabbed, pesa waliipa za former EMC and why bitter and waliandika enforcement (40)relatives wao wote, walidanganya kina muya watoe mayor Rutto na kuwadump,na wakafuguza clerk(now their boss) na still she is still using same MCAs. Members watch that woman alizoea kuongwa. UG people have confidence with the Governor and the team. Speaker! rebecca atakumaliza

  9. Governor Mandago has not done anything so bad to warrant an impeachment. The only sin, before the eyes of his accusers is because he brought to an end the use of cartels at bus stage and brought into fore the use of the NYS who so far have done some splendid work to an extend millions of money have been collected.
    The Finance Executive Officer has always stuck to the pinciple of spending money on the intended purpose to the chagrin of some corrupt MCAs who are known to be after the public coffers without blinking their evil eyes—shame on them.
    They are also known to be muzzling the PSB led by Joseph Tanui with view to employing their cronies and relatives—big shame on them.
    Much as the Governor has the common human mistakes, he should be give time to complete his term so that he could be judged at the end of his tenure.
    The county Assembly should desist forth with their desire of impeachment or else we shall reveal their negative side of them concerning the use of Diesel meant for roads. Please give us a break.

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