Kapseret MP Oscar Sudy Under Siege Over Facebook Remarks

[kapseret MP Oscar Sudy]

Youth in Kapseret Constituency, Uasin Gishu County have strongly criticized their MP Oscar Kipchumba Sudy over remarks he made that they were idle and spending most of their time gossiping on Facebook.

The youth have also accused Sudy of imposing projects upon them and has failed to support them start their own development projects.

Speaking to the Eldoret Post the group of youth who sought anonymity said if the MP fails to apologise over those remarks they would mobolise Kapseret Constituents to petition his representation and recall him after two years to pave way for a by election.

They further claimed the MP was also undermining their elected Ward representatives.
“We feel neglected because the MP is not recognizing the youth and even our own elected leaders.The MP is turning out to be a dictator and using every opportunity to insult us”,they said.

“Whom is the MP representing because his actions have shown he has no interest with empowering Kapseret Youth? We thought we elected a digital MP now he is proving to be analogue.He does not know what the Youth of Kapseret require and operates on general needs and also works with just his political brokers.It looks like we made a big mistake or else he conned us to go to parliament”,read part of their statement.

We could not reach Hon Oscar Sudy for comment as our calls went unanswered by the time we went on print.



7 thoughts on “Kapseret MP Oscar Sudy Under Siege Over Facebook Remarks

  1. That man is very arrogant but am happy Kapseret people have now woken up and realized they made a wrong choice.

  2. As youth we need to be realistic and be specific of our needs to the MP. lets not imagine the MP will think for us…we must do it our self and approach the MP with practical solutionns

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