Governor Mandago’s Foreign Trips Draining County Coffers;Editorial


[Photo File:(ABOVE)Governor Jackson Mandago and Trade Minister Philip Melly in Scottsdale USA| (BELOW) Mandago and his delegation in Phoenix Arizona]

Governor Jackson Mandago was last week in the far West in the latest in a series of whirlwind foreign trips to the US raising questions about what the County leader seeks to achieve with this gruelling “investor seeking” missions.

It is about time we audit his frequent trips outside the country.Since late last year, he has escalated his globe-trotting and frequented United States at least three times.In his series of overseas trips, Mandago is sometimes taking with him dozens of hangers-on.

The costs of the trips — borne by taxpayers — are difficult to measure,but they are expensive amid indications by the Auditor general that governors gobbled up 1 billion on foreign trips.

Benefits of Mandago’s foreign trips are hard to gauge. While we consistently lament that high budget overruns on foreign travel, we should question why millions are being blown on the same raising the county government’s total recurrent expenditure.

Though all county leaders are all collectively blowing millions on travel alone, it is Mandago’s frequent foreign trips that are draining the already depleted county coffers. The governor should have mercy for his county.

At a time when we are crying for good roads, at a time we are facing shortage in school fees, at a time we are begging for more funding from the central goverment why do we still misuse the little we have? Are these overseas trips really benefiting the county?

All these travel are non-value adding if they do not translate into the county’s prosperity.The international visits will chew millions while we claim bench-marking without knowledge and skills transfer.

Section 30 of the County Government Act that sets out the powers and functions of the governors mandates the governor to provide leadership to the governance of the county,and his administration. More precisely,Section 30(3) states that the governor shall be accountable for the use and management of the county’s resources.

We should therefore hold Governor Mandago to account on these trips and demand to know of what value have they been to the county.

While majority are now voicing regular concerns about the county being the headquarters of nepotism,misuse of public funds and creation of overnight millionares we should audit the trips to ensure they are not disguised to line some few pockets at the expense of development.

The writer Wakili Psinen Pkiech is the immediate former Chairman Uasin Gishu Bloggers Association,a Practising Advocate and a Political Analyst.(

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3 thoughts on “Governor Mandago’s Foreign Trips Draining County Coffers;Editorial

  1. Its to our concern as members of ug county to ensure that the gavana is held acountable 4 his trips at this mmnt when our county is facing alot of problems…..poor infracture,high cost of living etc he should be merciful to his pple or if nt his employer…..nkt! What a waste

  2. I have always been very clear about my intolerance with the sheer lack srategic thinking on the part of the leadership of UG. Mandago is incompetent period and we should all take responsibility for our role in electing leaders that cant even run a bath. It is us the pple of UG that ultimately will end up the loosers. Its the young men and women looking for emplyment that get short changed. its the health of our pple that gets compromised, its the business pple that see their profits dwindling (unless you are part of the hanger-ons), it is the infrustructure of the county that suffers, it is the farmers that are left with continours empty promises while ukulima declines, it is the mothrs and their babies who dont get the right medical care, it is the quality of education in our schools that deteroriate and the list will go on. Ive always said there are massive opportunitiies for socio economic revolution especially driven by the agric sector but you need visionery leaders that can articulate and execute on the hopes and aspirations of Uasin Gishu pple. Africa’s new chapter has began annd we must not be left behind. WE DESERVE MUCH BETTER!

  3. Being one of the greatest supporter of governor Mandago during the campaigns last year,I feel dissapointed becoz the governor has proved himself not to be the visionary leader he once talked about and therefore for us to move forward as a county we should recall the governor and his deputy since they have nothing to do for this countys dev’t

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