Deputy President’s Aide Farouk Kibet’s name set to Feature as ICC Trials resume

[Photo File:Deputy President’s Personal Assistant Farouk Kibet]

One of the ICC witnesses,P-0019, is said to have directly implicated one of Deputy President William Ruto’s aides in the violence that hit the Rift Valley after the disputed 2007 general election.

ICC prosecutor Fataou Bensouda revealed to Judges that Witness P-0019 is a Kalenjin who possesses insider-type of information about meetings to organise and plan the violence. He names Farouk Kibet, one of Ruto’s personal assistants, as a key perpetrator who coordinated the violence.

Farouk Kibet currently works at the Office of the Deputy President as one of Ruto’s personal assistants and has previously come out to strongly deny any involvement in the violence.

The trial of Deputy President William Ruto and his co-accused Joshua Sang is scheduled to resume today at the Hague.The new session is set to run until April 16, before the International Criminal Court (ICC) and will take a break during the Easter holidays.

Trial Chamber V (a) judges are expected to give direction on the appearance of five witnesses, who ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda wants allowed to testify in closed session during their entire testimony.

Judge Chile Eboe-Osuji had already ruled that Ruto, who had earlier been excused from physical presence at trial, will have to sit in the courtroom throughout the testimony of witness P028.

Bensouda has insisted that the new witnesses who have been lined up against Ruto and Sang are core to her case because they have insider accounts, including claims that they attended meetings to plan attacks at which Ruto was allegedly present.

The Prosecution theory alleges that Ruto funded, hosted meetings and gave orders using a network that was formed as early as 2006 to attack non-Kalenjin communities living in the Rift Valley.

13 witnesses have testified so far in the case.Bensouda had lined up about 40 witnesses but others refused to testify and withdrew.


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