Uasin Gishu County Senator Isaac Melly’s First Year: Success or Failure?


Senator Isaac Melly in his Eldoret Office

There are countless ways that one could measure Senator Isaac Melly’s first year in office to try to define whether he was a success or failure. His poll numbers, if that is a worthy measure, certainly seem to argue failure more than success.

His approval ratings are in the average 40 percent mark a year after they had hovered comfortably and garnered over 60 percent votes.The support Senator Melly enjoyed among youthful voters when he took office has almost entirely evaporated,and he has haemorrhaged support among older voters.Clearly, his first year took its toll.

The Hansard shows Senator Isaac Kipkemboi Melly has spoken 27 times in Parliament. His recent appearance being 14 Feb 2014 when the motion on impeachment of Embu County Governor Martin Wambora was being debated in the Senate. This is what Senator Melly had to say, “Mr. Speaker, Sir,Uasin Gishu County votes yes for a, b and c.”

It is however difficult to judge the success or failure of an elected by the first year in office. By the most basic metric of whether a politician succeeded politically – if an election was to be conducted today would he win a re-election? –But in terms of the general direction of the county,the initial judgment of Uasin Gishu County people seems correct: Senator Melly had promised more hope and change than he has thus far delivered.

One year into his senatorship, Senator Melly’s opinion poll rating has slumped down to 40%.How satisfactory has his performance been?


4 thoughts on “Uasin Gishu County Senator Isaac Melly’s First Year: Success or Failure?

  1. This is the guy, i have had quite short conversations with this guy and he is amazing, out of 10, he’s a 9

  2. @Ketter how do you have short conversations with someone and conclude that he is amazing. it is naive and short sighted and quite frankly disappointing. the proof of a successful planting is in the harvest. what tangible work has he done that is improving the state in UG? melly, mandago, eusulah nd the rest will go home in the next elections. Out of 10 his name does not even appear

  3. its still early to rate our honorable lets give him sometime……………..but he is a nice leader young en visionary………….kudos

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