Uasin Gishu County Women Rep Eusilah Ngeny Supports Push For Fund to Initiate Projects


Eusilah Ngeny and her Nandi Counterpart Zipporah Kering

Uasin Gishu County Women Representative Eusilah Jepkosgei Ngeny has said she will back other county women MPs on their push for a fund kitty that women reps will be in charge. Eusilah accused MP’s of failing to allocate any funds to women in the budget saying that the move went against affirmative action.

“Women county MPs return home empty handed while MPs have CDF and Governors have devolved funds,” said Hon Eusilah Ngeny while speaking on phone to Uasin Gishu Bloggers association.

Eusilah hit out at the National Assembly over failure to allocate them development funds equivalent to the Constituency Development Fund that MPs get. She said County Women Members of Parliament deserve to be allocated funds to facilitate development projects like their colleagues in the National Assembly.

She said although they were elected to legislate, oversee and marshal the interests of women in the august House, their presence in their respective counties was not being felt because they had no funds to initiate projects.

“We were not elected to be flower girls we should be involved in the management of Uwezo Fund and other kitties,”she added.

Eusilah lamented that MPs had been left to control all affairs in their respective constituencies, leading some residents in Uasin Gishu to question the importance of Women Rep as well as her input in national development.

At the same time Eusilah Ngeny also appealed to Uasin Gishu County residents to remain patient as she works towards fulfiling her election pledges.

The women MPs are pushing for the Affirmative Action Social Development Fund. The bill had been forwarded to the Budget committee seven months ago but so far nothing has happened.

Women reps are asking for 0.5 percent of the national budget. If the bill passes they will be in control of KSh3.4billion and each county Women MP will be in charge of KSh70 million.

Last week Eusilah Ngeny joined 46 other Women Representatives to stage a walk out of the National Assembly demanding the sacking of Rev. Mutava Musyimi who chairs the Budget committee. They accused the MP of frustrating their efforts to carry out developments in their respective counties. The Women Legislators accused the Budget and Appropriations Committee, under the leadership of Rev. Musyimi, of failing to prioritise approval of the Affirmative Action Social Development Fund Bill that will see them get the KSh3.4 billion allocation.


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