MP Caught on Live TV Coverage Sleeping during Parliamentary Proceedings


National Assembly

Turbo member of Parliament was on wednesday caught on camera sleeping on duty during a serious parliamentary debate.

This follows reports that MPs have a habit of sleeping during debate. A photographer from the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) shooting for live coverage captured Hon Elisha Busienei in dreamland while other legislators were busy debating.

Parliament sources said the debate was a crucial one to farmers in its nature and while Busienei was taking a nap, important agricultural policy issues were being debated and finalised.

The source also said there have been instances when some MP’s sleep and in most cases when these people wake-up they start making “senseless arguments”.

The latest developments have now culminated into a heated debate with some saying this has revealed the nature and fabric of our political leaders.

“This shows our failure to elect serious leaders who focus on representing their respective constituencies,”twitted a constituent.

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2 thoughts on “MP Caught on Live TV Coverage Sleeping during Parliamentary Proceedings

  1. Hahahahaha…..!,n that’s why l personaly opposed him during Campaigns,bit now,najivunia Mbunge wangu!.
    Gudos Hon Bush!.

  2. What happened should be not be tolerated we’ve not heard not only Hon busienei contributing or challenging motions in the active debates but most of the Uasin Gishu mps what a shame to be associated with such leaders

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