Poll: Will Mandago be a One-term Governor?


Governor Jackson Mandago

This blog’s big poll this month asks the question some county residents are afraid to even think: Will Jackson Mandago be a one-term Governor?

The idea was almost unfathomable during the optimistic days of Mandago’s election and inauguration. Since then, many feel, Mandago has fallen short on his promises of hope and change. He has frustrated many of his most ardent supporters with his one man show.One of his most major accomplishments,finance bill 2013/2014, was hugely controversial. And most recently, accessibility to his office has ended with a deal that has discouraged friends and foe alike.

Furthermore his promise to “create many millionaires in Uasin Gishu” has ended up in unemployment rate sticking where it was and this is bad news for everyone.

Nevertheless, there have been a few victories for Mandago—ridding the City of Champions off hawkers and the launch of two mobile maize dryers late last year boosted Mandago’s popularity.

What do you think? Is Mandago destined to be a one-term County Governor? Take our poll and leave your comments below.



7 thoughts on “Poll: Will Mandago be a One-term Governor?

  1. Its very true the way he behaves depicts the length of time he will be in office he has lost support in ground

  2. No~he is man of integrity,never mentoined in the auditor generals report,controler of budget nor summoned by senate committee of finance.

  3. its not predictable since we have not heard anything bad about him though its true that its hard to meet with this guy at his office.

  4. Rift valley voters are the most gullible people and the above comment by lesly Kogo reinforces my view. The incompetence of UG leadership will always get a lifeline come elections when the likes of lesly kogo vote for them not becoz they brought development but because there names were not adversely mentioned in any graft report. I think the question is not if mandago will be a one term governor but if the pple of Uasin Gishu will one day wake up from slumber city and stop electing useless leaders. We had many competent people in last years election but the voters seemed to be in a “yellow” hipnotic trance and it didnt matter whether you were a dog or a person as long as you were in the right party…then again this is democracy i guess!!

  5. i think he needs to go back to school..chemno should be our next governor or member of parliament…he has the what it takes to be a leader from when he was a small boy,,i saw this in him.

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