UG County MP Thanksgiving

[Photo File: Uasin Gishu Bloggers Invite Card]

Uasin Gishu County Women Representative Thanksgiving Invite.


One thought on “Uasin Gishu County Women Rep Eusilah Ngeny’s Thanksgiving

  1. Women rep positions is a waste of time and resources and shud be abolished and all of them sent home come the next election. Eusilah ngeny shud wait for 2017 for a real home coming when voters will send her home properly. While our people continue to suffer, uasin gishu leaders continue to provide zero leadership. They have done nothing for UG and will not do anything for the remainder of this term bcoz they lack the qualities needed to drive UG foward! I still dont know what the stratigic focus for the county is, Mandago does not know whether he’s coming or going, Melly cannot articulate issues at the senate nd is short changing UG’s prospects, Eusilah has spoken only fiv time in parliament and everytime she opens her mouth you wonder how she got there, the MCA’s nonesense trip to rwanda in the name of learning more about development boarders on stupidity..they shud save tax payers money and go just up th road to machakos county if they really want to see how stuff is done. Uasin Gishu is doomed with the poor quality of leadership we have.

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