Eldoret South Politics: Romancing the One-Term Jinx

: Kesses MP James Bett [Right]:Kapseret MP Oscar Sudy”]image

James Kimaru Bett and Oscar Kipchumba Sudy both serving Members of the larger Eldoret South should and must be disturbed men. Their valorous stand off to the imperial conceit of Eldoret South social, intellectual and traditional elite is truly buffling in their pedestrian performances.

Bett has his laboured conciliatory tone added to his contrived humility while Sudy has his patronising monetary gifts. This are truly the stuff of predatory creatures like themselves.

In the History of South Politics it’s only the late Hon Charles Murgor who made the dream of a second term that southerners thought was possibly redundant and impossible.

South, is still in romance with the sanctity of the ancient one-term jinx and thus even the former MP David Koros will bear me witness that his bid to practise his “Mkombozi”politics came to a shattering end.

Although I am pontificating against the quadrennial quagmire of Eldoret South politics which, to say the least, is the by-product of primordial obduracy of overrated elites and the indigenes.

In its quaint interpretation, the jinx seems to suggest that the people of Eldoret South -baying snobs – cannot serve a master twice. When ancient obduracy is mixed with,clan (Kaptalamek/Chepkendik/Kapochek) trivialities,what you get is the sustenance of a jinx by a group of abominable tyrants, greedy opportunists, village bullies and enemies of our democratic aspiration. It must be said that our very own,politicians are products of our feral culture and many of them will sell the soul of their children for a second term in power.

This double whammy logjam had been the signal failure of our failing leaders, who, in spite of the disaster of their first term, still harbour a very cruel hope for a second term. When would the falcon hear the falconer?

The big question is which of the twin constituencies mothered by South (Kesses and Kapseret) inherited the jinx? Kapseret falls into this political conundrum but Sudy’s optimist underside prods him on that he could perform a Davidian feat on the menacing Eldoret South Goliath.

Eventually for Bett obduracy may triumph and the jinx sustained. Bett is like the proverbial elephant on top of a tree,no one knows how it got there but everyone knows it will eventually fall. Unlike David, Bett may not be able to slay his own Goliath.

South politics in the subconscious minds
of constituents represents a symbol of mayhem, wetie and the reign of mobocracy. Strangely, the South elite is irritatingly proud to be associated with this ugly antecedent of political madness of a bygone era. The spirit of non-conformity is still being romanticised across the length and breadth of Eldoret South.South is ungallantly pompous,vengeful and odiously stubborn.

Former MP Peris Jepchumba Simam became the best author to the cliché of Eldoret South leaders not serving a master twice. She exhausted every power of incumbency to keep the baying hyenas at bay but the hyenas were too far into the savannah to be hen-penned by a woman mp’s snare. With alacrity,Koros resuscitated abandoned roads and saw the completion of mkombozi schools that were named in his honour but bowed thrice to the Jinx. The fall of Koros, an uppity development scion, added another undeserved advantage to the brutal repertoire Eldoret South identity as the “quintessential wild South”.

Can Bett and Sudy ride on the back of these impossibilities? can they sustain the tempo of their achievements? Can anyone of them break the one term jinx? Time will tell.



7 thoughts on “Eldoret South Politics: Romancing the One-Term Jinx

  1. oscar sudi might break but the laziest bone mr. kimaru will not even make it to the nominations. though u souped him with some baseless praise that the hon. mp has a soothing voice the guy has nothing to show!!

  2. it is still early to make such a good prediction but still from the look of things it seems our leaders are not dynamic with current issues at the ground, they go there with aim of addressing the issues of a previus regime and forgeting to do with people need at currrent state, they (common mwananchi)sort previus problem on their own, they need real advisors and not sycophants

  3. Both have an uphill task ahead for they’ll find it hard to convince the electorate to vote for them.Their record is clearly seen across the two constituencies which depicts dissatisfaction within.Of course the tune,let them forget 2017 if this is their trend.

  4. They will never make it and as such, they are as good as done. No matter how much white washing you do by praising them, they have nothing to show for their “good work”. Eldoret south constituents are a restless lot and will dispense with an undesirable MP as easy as disposing a banana peel.

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