MCA Ignites Facebook storm over “Idlers “remarks


MCA Ziwa Ward

[Photo File: MCA Ziwa Ward Hon Hillary Ketter]

County Assembly Ward Representative Hillary Ketter found himself at the centre of a backlash yesterday after remarks he made that youth from Soy Constituency were idling on Facebook discussing “useless issues”.

Ketter who has been one of those likely to stand for Parliament in 2017, provoked the row after making the unfortunate remarks at a public function.

Now his biggest fans have turned against him.Tons of comments on Soy Constituency discussion Forum Facebook Page show that majority Soy residents online are incredibly angry with the MCA’s remarks.

“I am ashamed to be represented by Komintany,”one Facebook fan wrote. “We need to distance ourselves from such analogue thinking.”

“Voters like customers are always right. they are kings. Listen to them and you will live long in politics. Be careless with them and you walk alone ,” said one angry commenter, with another even calling MCA Ketter a “sellout.”

“ We are in a digital generation sir.You are a disgrace to the office you were elected to,” quipped a pissed off Facebook user. “ My friend Komintany,as a leader you should learn to accomodate all types of people and what they say about you,chest thumbing is no longer usefull,swallow your pride and apologise to the online community for you own good.”

Other commenters called for getting the MCA kicked out of office, with one saying, “Such an analogue and boneless thinker should be recalled. How dare he call us useless idlers?.”

It’s pretty evident that Ketter may have lost his credibility with people on the online side of the aisle,and one can predict that Hilary Ketter will probably dim his popularity as demands for a public apology rises.


3 thoughts on “MCA Ignites Facebook storm over “Idlers “remarks

  1. Noone is going to come from outside and develop our County. It is our baby so those elected/nominated/appointed in office competitively should get down to work and stop squabling. Time is running out and u can all see for urselves what Dr Alfred Mutua has been/is doing.Mandago tufanye kazi.

  2. I need our leaders to understand people on the ground to avoid apologising on forums an yet leaders knows wat they are suppose to.our road ziwa to eldoret our Dp knows more about that let him come for home comming party for women. rep and explain why ziwa road is in that situation.guys be blessd

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