Uasin Gishu: Political Jesters, Sloganeers and Acrobats

Governor: Jackson Kiplagat Mandago

The Governor Uasin Gishu is described as an astute politician.Indeed, few will refute the fact that Eldoret town has realised appreciable sanity under Mandago. He is credited for riding hawkers out of CBD. The town has been given a comprehensive face-lift under Mandago,the streets are a perfect example of considerably eased perennial congestion in Eldoret.Be that as it may, there have also been a number of things for which Mandago has been criticised for like the way he was faulted for entrusting key county government positions with people from his political backyard. He is easily accessible,as he has set aside a day for wananchi in his office.However his leadership has not been felt in the Southern part of the county has he has concentrated more on his North doorstep. Further as the county sheriff, he has practiced hegemony over the county assembly.


Senator:Isaac Kipkemboi Melly History can rarely be re-written or the facts re-arranged to make the history maker look good. The facts are written on the wall, which is what makes history the best teaching instrument of tomorrow,Isaac Kipkemboi Melly has never spoken in Parliament. He is the political comic of his time in Senate,a bench warmer. His silence is causing quite a brouhaha on Parliament’s upper house. However his social media use to reach to his audience has earned him some little praise. His recent move to open an office in Eldoret to make access by wananchi easier got a lukewarm reception.

Women Representative: Eusilah Jepkosgei Ngeny
Eusilah Jepkosgei Ngeny has spoken 4 times in Parliament. She is alienated from her constituents and allies alike, and some of her shadow confidants admit she’s struggling to hold her image. She has endeared herself as a Jubilee cheerleader ,always accompanying the Deputy President to public functions but missing in action at the county. Eight months later the trolls have been brought out of Ngeny’s woodwork. She brings out the satirical allegory of money and politics.

MP Ainabkoi: Samwel Kiprono Chepkonga

Samuel Kiprono Chepkonga has spoken 131 times in Parliament. He has a very attractive record of total commitment to parliamentary activities and debates that are of mutual beneficial to his constituents.He his viewed favorably , and cheered for his recent rise in the public’s esteem.He however scores below average on constituency presence and accessibility as he has deserted his constituents

MP Kapseret: Oscar Kipchumba Sudy

Oscar Kipchumba Sudy has never spoken in Parliament. The cheering Kapseret spirit of optimism in the early days of Sudi has vaporized and a gloom of darkness and fear has enveloped. Sudy seems to be exerting more effort in oppressing his perceived opponents.He has adopted a heavy-handed approach in dealing with critics of his leadership. He is not easily accessible and the level of self migration has taken on a new dramatic turn. He seems to have adopted Moi’s political mantra, fuata nyayo(following footsteps) which has become a euphemism for you are either with him or a dissident. It is lately reported that Sudy has broken ranks with Jubilee honchos. Surprisingly Sudy is the acrobat of politics in Uasin Gishu,he has quite a number of supporters.

MP Kesses: James Kimaru Bett
James Kimaru Bett has spoken 22 times in Parliament. Like Chepkonga,he is exceptionally articulate in parliamentary debate but of poor judgmental leadership having mirrored and neglected the lower part of Kesses that he perceives never voted for him. He is a luckluster political figure and not easily accessible as he has delinked himself from his constituents. He is hated and loved both in equal measure.Another fun source of scarecrow ideas in current affairs and politics.

MP Moiben: Silas Kipkoech Tiren

Silas Kipkoech Tiren has spoken 2 times in Parliament. An extraordinary person who is leading a simple yet inspiring life . Tiren is a man who seems to be building a
reputation amongst the farmers for being their defender. He is easily accessible and enjoys a cordial relationship with the county leadership but on matters development the wait for white smoke from Tiren’s chimney is still underway.

MP Soy: Edwin Kipruto Barchilei
Edwin Kipruto Barchilei has spoken 7 times in Parliament. His approach has not endeared him to many of his constituents. He operates on his own and in the process has sidelined those that were willing to work with him. Has come out occasionally to critice the system for being anti-youth. He is the most vocal on matters pro-youth. The famous sloganeer youngman’s footsoldiers have formed a solid phalanx in defense of his leadership. He has uniquely attracted unquestioning loyalty and visceral hatred in equal measure.


MP Turbo: Elisha Kipkorir Busienei
Elisha Kipkorir Busienei has spoken 14 times in Parliament. He is spot on in use of social media,easily accessible and always in his constituency. He has mastered the art of servant leadership. A pro-Jubilee system. He is rated fairly,despite asserting his presence in the constituency ,meaningfull development is yet to be realized. In the court of public opinion he is yet to fit into his predeccesor’s shoes.


3 thoughts on “Uasin Gishu: Political Jesters, Sloganeers and Acrobats

  1. Wish to agree with almost every detail its a true reflection of what this leaders are made of. we did a below average election. My own opinion u gave Mandago more than he deserve.

  2. Kudos to ma area MP mr Bushienei,,may u struggle to enter into ua predecessors shoe,,,also Mr Governor,,ua leadershp is felt positively sir,,go for it more…Mr Senator tho nt dat highly felt ba all,,u potray da true leadershp sir..Women Rep,,awake youn lady,,u may soon realise da pain of being out of soft seats…

  3. A good try and analysis. Governor has been very good and busy with plans but no implementation. The MPs have not addressed the real issues. Some have good ideas but look overwhelmed. Forget about Women ‘rape’ or Senator they are missing in action. Two MPs are busy at the grassroots-Sudi and Bett and one more. The rest are fast asleep.

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