Uasin Gishu:Was there a “Moi Curse” on Ziwa-Eldoret Road?


[2011 14 NOV:President Mwai Kibaki unveils a commemorative plaque to officially launch the rehabilitation of Ziwa-Kachibora and Kachibora-Moi’s bridge roads at Uasin Gishu County. Looking on is Roads Minister Franklin Bett and Area MP William Ruto.]

From: Collins Kiptoo,
Sunday, December 1st, 2013.

Those who are superstitious never lose an opportunity to point to a fascinating incident that took place in the early 20’s that had such a huge impact on the future of Ziwa Sirikwa and her development. The Kachibora-Ziwa-Eldoret community was a bang in the middle of it.

Even some of those who do not believe in such mumbo jumbo cannot help but sit up and pay attention to this tale and wonder if there is something to it.

After all Former President Mwai Kibaki personally came to Ziwa in Uasin Gishu county where he officially launched the Kshs 1.4 billion rehabilitation project of the Eldoret-Ziwa-Kachibora and Kachibora-Moi’s bridge roads but since then the construction has stalled.Surely even if you do not believe in curses there has to be something going on when the construction is commissioned by Head of State but circumstances develop that make
it impossible and the construction never kicks off years later.

Early 2000 on a stop-over in Ziwa Sirikwa the then President Daniel Toroitich arap Moi faced one of his most humiliating moments in his life as many citizens had by then began to anticipate the end of Moi’s era.

Many will remember the event where the former President was subjected to humiliation in the presence of his Cabinet Members. The seemingly aggitated crowd hurled insults at him as he blew his own trumpet on how he had helped them through the tarmacking of Ziwa-Eldoret road.

One man in the midst of the impatient crowd broke into an anti-Moi slogan “Aruny lamit akinde lol akoi Kabarak“(Fold your tarmac and pocket it to Kabarak),as the crowd cheered. Moi, however, maintained his cool demeanour and left but only after uttering the words “Oteresi kou imanek“(You will fall and break like Castor Oil seeds).

In Kalenjin Culture “Imaniat“(Castor Oil) tree is sacred and is believed to be “Kokwo“(A place where oldmen sit and make decisions). A curse from “Kokwo” or invoking the name “Imaniat“is thus believed to carry far reaching effects to the victims of a curse.

Now, years later, a group of youth and elders are demanding Ziwa Sirikwa(Soy) to apologise to the man who had ruled Kenya un-interrupted for 24 years.

They want Uasin Gishu and ecspecially Soy Leaders and community elders to apologise to Moi so as to break the curse and open way for the construction of Ziwa-Eldoret Road. The elders believe Soy is under a curse as a result of events on that

“The Leadership should hast efforts of reconciling the former President with Soy Community . In Kalenjin culture when an elder like President Moi is offended by his people and is unhappy, the community remains under a curse,” said one of the elders.

He said the matter could not be wished away. “We feel Ziwa Sirikwa and Soy Constituency at large is living under a curse because of what happened to Moi then. He was heckled and didn’t leave a
happy man. We did not honour him and need to ask for his forgiveness,”he added.

Traditionally,according to the Kalenjin culture such a matter would require rituals such as slaughtering an animal and sharing a meal but since times have changed and considering Moi is a staunch christian a reconciliation prayer involving the elders, political leaders and clergy is believed would suffice.

Their biggest worry is that unless the reconcilliation is conducted the constituency may be overtaken by events and miss good opportunities to develop for failing to remove the curse on Ziwa and Soy Constituency.

The big question is will Ziwa-Eldoret road be constructed? The elders believe once Moi forgives the community for the public ridicule he was subjected to,the curse on Ziwa-Eldoret road will be broken and work on the road and other development projects in Uasin Gishu county will take off with no hitches in the future.


One thought on “Uasin Gishu:Was there a “Moi Curse” on Ziwa-Eldoret Road?

  1. i had been told of this story before its now evident that it truly happened and to some extent i tend to believe it is a curse

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