Honourable Deputy President,now is the time to dismiss your Chief of Staff Mary Anne Keitany


That Members of Parliament,who are the people’s representatives,are being blocked from seeing the Deputy President should be the last straw that broke the camel’s back. In any democracy, whenever there is a decision lapse, an individual takes the fall.In this instance, William Ruto has to relieve Mary Anne Keitany from her duties as Chief of Staff for direct culpability.

For the Office of the Deputy President to provide servant leadership, we have to have a break with yesterday. Mary Anne Keitany represents all that is wrong with yesterday.

For starters,majority of Members of Parliament from Rift Valley,the home base of Ruto, feel that they lack accessibility of the Deputy President and all their development and political ideas are being blocked from reaching his table.

They point an accusing finger at Ruto’s Chief of staff Mary Anne Keitany for making it harder for them to get appointments.A Senior politician from North Rift alleges that Keitany, from the Keiyo sub-tribe, is frustrating and blocking visitors to the Office of the Deputy President and even sitting MP’s have not been spared.

Mary Anne Keitany was the IT manager at Kenya Railways before joining the Ruto campaign secretariat during the last general elections. As Chief of Staff she attends most government meetings chaired by Ruto and sometimes accompanies Ruto in his official trips.She is also responsible for staff recruitment and deployment at the Deputy President’s office.

Keitany is also accused as indirectly culpable for the tranfer of Financial Budget from the Office of the Deputy President.The allocation for the daily running of the Deputy President’s office in the financial budget was apparently transferred back to the presidency where Ruto now has to seek approval for any expenditure in his office. The move is said to have been orchestrated while the Deputy President was at the Hague and Keitany was allegedly privy to it.

Earier this year,staff at the DP’s office went for months without pay. It is claimed the staff woes were made worse by Keitany’s high-handedness. Their salary stalemate was later sorted after the staff sought direct intervention from Ruto through Director of Political Affairs,Former Cheranganyi MP Joshua Kuttuny a move that angered Keitany.

It is also alleged Keitany is behind those silently engineering the removal of Kuttuny from his office. This is after Members of Parliament,angered by her high-handedness,by-passed her instead using Kuttuny to get the DP’s ear.

It’s claimed Keitany together with some senior officials in government want Kuttuny out as a first step to sabotage access to the DP’s office. Kuttuny,famously reffered to as”spanner number seventeen”,has so far been of far much importance to not only the Jubilee government but also to the DP and the Kalenjin Nation at large.

We shouldn’t take such allegations lightly. It is not in order for Keitany to use her position to reign havoc in DP’s office.Our Deputy President should move with speed to restore the image of his office by relieving Mary Anne Keitany of any duty. Now is the time for Keitany to go home.



8 thoughts on “Honourable Deputy President,now is the time to dismiss your Chief of Staff Mary Anne Keitany

  1. if it is proven that the above allegations are true, why not she should face the door. at least she has served in the second big office in the land of Kenya of which other people are just having a glance at it wishing they could be given a chance to serve. Let a better person take over and all shall be well.

  2. How would you feel if your the one being fired,,and you have kidds to feed..let keitany do her work,,she must have noticed how kales ni domo tu…na masengenyo…..

  3. Let us have clear facts b4 placing a judgment! who are these people who would like to meet DP whats their agenda? who sent them there?

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