MCA Leads Demo against Moi University


Moi University Vice Chancellor Prof Richard Mibei has dismissed the demonstration that had been called by Moi university community led by County Assembly Ward Representative Hillary Muttai over the planned outsourcing of services by the institution

According to acting Deputy VC Prof Chepkuto, the tendering of Security and Cleaning services will continue as it was in line with recent government requirements in a bid to minimise operational costs in running public institutions.

He added that the allegations that some employees would be laid off were baseless as there was no such intention.

Hon Mutai wants the tendering process stopped and security and cleaning services given to the university community a move the institution has described as unprocedural.

A source within the administration alleges Hon Mutai was bitter with the university administration after his demand for employment positions he wanted awarded was declined.

Demonstrators have barricaded the main entrance leading to the main campus causing matatu snarl up a move that has greatly inconvenienced commuters to and from Moi University.

More news to follow…..


5 thoughts on “MCA Leads Demo against Moi University

  1. Kwik Zach
    Waulize kama wanataka 2kuje kutoa hawa villagers,Comrade Power.

    Stephen Kimusar
    Locals WAACHE UJINGA,style up

    Mose G Mwangi
    We need a professional security firm
    in Moi. Locals can continue selling
    mbogas to us.

    Evans Jumah
    Its high tym Moi university ikuwe
    guarded na a security firm.i prefer
    Wells Fargo ipewe iyo job.

    Chîrrîés Sambu Chîrrîés
    fitio na trama wont stop…..all we
    need is technology ya kutrack stolen
    laptops n phones…the rest achia hao
    wazee wakule io pesa.

    Kipkemboiego Egovanz
    Hyo stori inatusaidiaje..

    Allan Squid Makomere
    Its better, juu those security officials
    are whacky, hao ndo wezi tu bado
    tena!! Moi is now thinking at least!!

    Berta-fly El Gran
    Ofcourse….thats why it will continue
    being a village polytechnic because
    progress is always fought…Hebu
    wafungue gate nikujie degree cert

    Ronny Mo
    Those villagers wametuchosha!!! They
    cant even communicate! Uneducated,
    some use their language to address

  2. Nicholas Owiti
    Main campus na vituko,villagers watimuliwe.

    Jairon Jack
    hao mavillagers kwani wote ni

    Chiya Jebichiy Lagat
    oohh yes…no more insecurity in Moi i
    bet coz of proper security

    Maranga Cliff
    Wameongea kikale huko sana
    wakitukandamiza let them be cast
    out. Nkt!!!!!!

    Koms Kom
    let them replace all those guards.

    Kiplimo Keino Masai
    Students with our slogan comrade
    wajaribu and some of you will not go
    home alive.

    Isaac Billy
    this are the changes we have wanted time
    after time sa pia wa outsource watu
    wa kuosha hostels na kufagia.

    Cermu Sam Samu
    kuuliza tu…watatupa accomodation
    ama nikufutana kazi ya security ndio wanafikiria?

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