MCA Pauline Tuwei Claims Her Life is in Danger


[Photo File-Pauline Tuwei]

by Kimutai Korir,
8:30 AM,5/9/13.

Kapsaret/Simat MCA Hon Pauline Tuwei now claims her life is in danger for
allegedly spearheading the fight for equity and her independent stand in matters concerning her constituents.

The MCA made the remarks today through social media following her defense of her political stand on intrusion from the area MP Oscar Sudy’s confidants.

The MCA claimed her fight for political independence has put her on
the collision course with powerful

“I believe that my life is in danger
as there are people who are not
happy with my stand on issues touching my people,” she said.

She further alluded to having already lodged her complaint to the police. Pauline Tuwei who appeared troubled by the alleged threats on her life however said she will not be intimidated by such threats on her life, adding that she is ready to die for a just cause .

Tuwei joins a list of MCA’s and Locals who have in recent past claimed to have received similar threats.


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