Backlash in Oscar Sudy’s attempt to Arm-Twist Deputy President William Rutto

[Oscar sudy and Alfred Ketter at a past function]

Members of Parliament
have a long and dubious history
of arm-twisting other elected leaders
in their quest to engage in shady deals.

Early last month, the
controversial Kapsaret Member of Parliarment Oscar Sudy is alleged to have been trying to force the MCA’s in Kapsaret to tow his line or face unspecified consequences including sponsoring their recall. This was, however, turned down
by some MCA’s the most vocal being Pauline Tuwei who has been praised for her independence.

Sudy has been stalked with controversy,with the latest being claims that he together with Nandi Hills MP Alfred Ketter wanted to horse trade their loyalty to the Deputy President with the latters support in dubious business deals.

The Deputy President William Rutto is said to have refused to be arm-twisted by Oscar Sudy and his colleague. Deputy President allegedly told them off,warning them that he wouldn’t allow his official capacity to be taken advantage of to engage in money-raking shady deals.

This did not go well with the two,with sources close to them revealing that the three have vowed to undermine the Deputy President. Joshua Kuttuny who was recently appointed Presidents advisor together with Oscar Sudy are said to enjoy unlimited acess to the president.

Our sources indicate Sudy and Ketter intend to use their links with the Office of the President to undermine William Ruto. Oscar Sudy and Alfred Ketter were early this week contemplating withdrawal from the list of Members of Parliament accompanying the Deputy President William Ruto to the Hague in a bid to show their displeasure.

Oscar Sudy’s source of wealth has always been a mystery with allegations that he is a black market dealer,while Ketter has recently been overflowing with flamboyancy claiming he is a businessman. The two first time MP’s “business” is shrouded in mystery.


4 thoughts on “Backlash in Oscar Sudy’s attempt to Arm-Twist Deputy President William Rutto

  1. Osca Sudi and Alfred Keter are conmen planted by a Mombasa Business man for dubious business deals how DP failed to have noticed that earlier is a mystery

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