Kapsaret MP,Oscar Sudy,under Investigation for Assault


Eldoret Police are
investigating Kapsaret MP Oscar Sudy over allegation that he assaulted a
businessman and a former councillor.

Oscar Sudy allegedely engaged in a
physical confrontation with Matthew
Chemweno following a political

Eldoret West OCPD Ndung’u wa
Ikonya said a complaint had been
lodged against the MP and his two
bodyguards yesterday, adding that
police were putting together
evidence surrounding the incident.

Ikonya also disclosed that
another man, former nominated
councillor, Johnstone Kasenge, has
lodged an assault case against the
MP. Ikonya said police had decided
to merge the cases.

“We will be guided by the evidence
gathered by the investigating
officers on whether we will summon
the MP for questioning or take him
to court directly to answer to the
assault charges,’’ said Ikonya.

Mr Chemweno alleged that the MP
and his two bodyguards assaulted
him after he expressed a contrary
opinion over a news bulletin they
had watched at a hotel in Eldoret.

Witnesses claim that
trouble started when the two
engaged in a political argument
before the MP attacked the
businessman. The MP is said to have been angered by the discussions on the on-going
cases at the International Criminal
Court (ICC) against Deputy President
William Ruto.

The discussions are said to have
centred on whether or not the ICC
suspects had a case to answer, with
the MP insisting that Ruto was
framed by individuals whose
intention was to gain financially.

“The MP descended on him with
kicks and blows. As the two fought,
the MP’s bodyguards joined in the
assault against the businessman
instead of helping to end it,’’ said a

The MP and his bodyguards are said
to have dragged Chemweno outside
the hotel and beaten him up before
abandoning him along the Eldoret-
Nakuru highway.

Medical examinations conducted on
Chemweno at the Moi Teaching and
Referral Hospital showed that he had
sustained mouth, back and left wrist
injuries inflicted by a blunt object.

Chemweno explained yesterday that
the injuries were as a result of pistol
butts the bodyguards used to
assault him during the incident that
occurred at the hotel within
Eldoret’s Central Business District.

He claimed he was attacked because
he insisted that victims of the post-
election violence should get justice
while the ICC suspects should
defend themselves, which was
contrary to the MP’s argument.

“It never occurred to me that the
argument would generate into a
physical confrontation between us.



8 thoughts on “Kapsaret MP,Oscar Sudy,under Investigation for Assault

  1. Hiyo ni tabia mbaya.The body guards should be withdrawn,he should not misuse the officers to aide him course arm to others. This leader lacks reasoning.

  2. Did Kapseret people elect a rascal for an MP this person must be jailed whom does he think he is just a mere a MP he is not above the law

  3. Oscar Sudy should be careful because he is Honourable member. He must not engage in such moves because there are better ways of presenting such arguments. Ngeno too should find better words of expressing ICC issues without creating an impression that ICC seeks to fix individuals despite of their innocence. Instead he must argue to prove the courts fairness. This should be solved by elders not let beans spill iver.___Rev. Simion Kipkogei

    • This is now the 2nd case of assault reportedly committed by this man. Let him be shown that he is not above the LAW! Let Police investigate and let him face the music and we shud elect a leader n

  4. physical confrontation on the duo is the most primitive way of handling issues let the law takes its course, though as an Honorable member of the 11th parliament temper should be least option to respond to any form of argument coz parliament is a center of all forms of arguments then that shows how the member is bankrupt of ideas thus responding to old ways of doing things-let him rise up and understand that he is a leader of all Kenyans thanks.

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