Samwel Chepkonga claims Governor Mandago is Undermining Elected MP’s


Ainabkoi MP Samuel Chepkonga has said MP’s are planning
to draft a law that will compel
governors to consult them before
making any major decision in

He said the Justice and Legal committee which he chairs has established
a nine-member sub-committee to
look into ways of fine tuning the
proposed law.

The law will among other things,
make the constituency an important
unit of devolution. The committee’s
push for the law is pegged on the
fact that the governors receive a lot
of money which they can use to
undermine MPs.

The MPs want the proposed law to
put a ceiling on the kind of
“extravagant” expenditure governors
indulge in.

Chepkonga has accused governor Mandago of skewed development in the
county and want to include a
formula on how revenues will be
shared among the constituencies in
each county.

It also emerged that MPs may be
pushing for an increment of
allocation to CDF to between 10 to
15 per cent to match the funds
allocated to governors.

The debate on the issue was
prompted by Samuel Chepkonga. He
said governors are not only powerful
and moneyed, but walk around the
counties with “prospective MPs”.
“If we are not careful we shall be
dethroned. We must explore ways of
making sure that we remain relevant
as MPs,” he said.

Chepkonga’s fears stem from Governor Mandago’s nomination of his arch-rival Daniel Chemno as Deputy Governor. Mandago also appointed Kesses Parliamentary loser Philip Melly as county minister in charge of Trade in a move seen to groom them for future political battles and undermine sitting MP’s.

The MP expressed fears that
increasing revenue to the counties
and the proposed referendum to
strengthen the role of Senate is a
threat to their relevance.



3 thoughts on “Samwel Chepkonga claims Governor Mandago is Undermining Elected MP’s

  1. u people should stop cheap politics and let mandago do his work .parliament and counties are two distinct entities

  2. aache hiyo panganga yake na afanye job…governors are way much better than these goons…washindwe kabisa

  3. MP Chepkonga surely should style up.It seems he is out of touch with what is happening in his constituency.Leaders should be groomed always to take over from those who are incompetent like him.He could not manage former Eldoret East,he should use his position to show what he can deliver.Maneno hatutaki kabisaa.

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