For the sake of her constituents and herself, Women Rep. Eusilah Ngeny should step down : Editorial


Women Rep. Eusilah Ngeny , a republican, is
gifted and cordial, well-liked by virtually quite a number of county residents. But Eusilah is also gagged, essentially confined to her language inadequacies.As KTN reported in The Women Empowerment Segment earlier this month , she’s missed every TV Interview she has been invited to without any apologies. KTN Cameraman Chepkwony Simon had to call in Nominated MCA Rehema Cheruiyot to save the day in Uasin Gishu Women feature.

She has also missed quite a number of voting session since the legislature began its 2013-14 session.And is yet to make her maiden speech,Eusilah’s attendance record was less than 50 percent.

Eusilah should resign, to advance her deficiencies — and to advance the representation of her 200,000 constituents in Uasin Gishu County.They require someone who can speak for them and vote for them — in the National Assembly.

True, Eusilah is one of just 290 member House
that’s run by Jubilee majority. So her absences may not have been decisive in the outcome of closely contested bills. But passage or failure of legislation isn’t all a legislator’s voting and debating accomplishes. It also writes a record of what he or she believes in or stands for. Voting and debating isn’t only a matter of representation — it’s also a matter of accountability to the voters who elect a lawmaker.

There’s no reason to doubt Eusilah’s handlers
claim that she’s as attentive to constituent services in the county as she would be but attending record breaking church services is not part of Constituent services,such as cutting through state red tape for a bewildered business
owner or women empowerment claimant, are indeed a key component of a women
representative’s or a county women chair.
But a legislative employee can do much if not all of such service work. What a legislative staff
member cannot do are the very things Eusilah’s circumstances don’t let her do: shape proposed
legislation during House committee hearings or speak during House debate to express the concerns of her diverse constituency.

For that to happen, Eusilah Ngeny needs to admit her limitations, unfortunate though they
are for a greenhorn public servant,and make way for someone who can speak — in Parliament — for Uasin Gishu County.

The writer Gideon Kiprop is the Vice Chairman Uasin Gishu Bloggers Association and a Mass Communication and Journalism Lecturer in


13 thoughts on “For the sake of her constituents and herself, Women Rep. Eusilah Ngeny should step down : Editorial

  1. Pole Eusila if your ability is deficient all round just leave my dear.You may be a good Samaritan but the goodness aside you need also to deliver.

  2. Just cos hon Ngeny failed 2 turned up for t presentation does not mean tat she resigns!service delivery 2 common wananchi is of more paramount tat media n camera men.Representation n service delivery is essence 2 any growing society!y Ngeny n yet we havent cin many of our leaders being interviewed?

  3. wakati wa mbivu na mbichi kujulikana umefika….na madam eusilah twakupenda. ningetaka kukukumbusha kuwa kiti hicho cha mwakilishi mwanamke ilitengwaa ili wana wake weze kujumuishwa kwa mipangilio ya wakenya. natumai bado kuna fursa ya kubadi jinsi iunatumia muda wako…waliokuchagia wanahitaji kuona matendo…wajibika

  4. She is a total disgrace to Uasin Gishu.
    She has never been active in anything.
    She should resign, it is regrettable that the current recall clause is weak otherwise we would have shown her the door.

  5. Life is a learning process and we should take its lessons.Our jubilation is turning out as humiliation. We should never just elect a party in future.

  6. Dis is a lesson to UG Do not just elect someone for their money or fame, we need and craving 4 representation especially women. Sorry to say Eusilah is not doing dat, she is not delivering to da people who elected her……Dis you know ur suppose to be a women Rep? my take on dis i have no faith on her she must go unless………….

  7. i told u guy before the elections, this lady is inept she was a councillor and rose to the rank of deputy mayor but she had nothing to show for it.

  8. Don’t say it’s too early 4 eusilah 2 many women reps to we hear doing their work with vigour.please eusilah da earlier da better.usipoziba ufa utajenga ukuta.

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