Senator Isaac Melly wants University of Eldoret VC removed


Uasin Gishu County Senator Isaac Melly
wants University of Eldoret Vice Chancellor Prof Teresiah Akenga removed to pave way for a new appointment conducted by the county leadership citing that Prof Akenga is an outsider.

But the universities admininstration has hit back terming
Melly’s statement part of a
political scheme to ‘discredit’
the VC. He called it “an evil
political scheme” hatched to discriminate her due to her tribal alignment.

They accused Melly of carrying out a
a tribal campaign against her and
called the Senators’s
remarks “embarrassing” and
“Such a statement is not only
embarrassing to come from the
person of the Senators’s stature, but
is also meant to play to the
public gallery to achieve a
tribal political agenda,” said
an administrator.

“We refuse to have her victimised and
cowed by such Machiavellian
political antics,”said the students leadership.

But Melly says Prof Teresia’s departure is necessary for a local to take her place.



15 thoughts on “Senator Isaac Melly wants University of Eldoret VC removed

    • If the comments are indicative of the priorities set by the leadership of UG county, then we the residents are doomed.

  1. its with deep regrets and sorrow to hear this from our senator whom we think he should in front fighting against tribalism and quality of our Education system. with such shameful remarks we’re heading for Doom.

  2. He thinks this is a local University??? Tuko kwa shida roundi….but we r 2 blame 4 electing dubious leadership!

  3. is prof Akenga the VC or the Chancellor? there must be some misunderstanding, and may the Senator has some good reasons for that demand

    • Akenga is the Vice Chancellor: The Council interviews (either directly or through a consulting firm) the VC and the President approves the appointment of the winner. The Chancellor is a Titular Head (Ceremonial) and is appointed (without interview) by the Head of State.

  4. It is amazing how politicians have the audacity to make all kinds of wild claims. The university in question is a public institution funded by taxpayers from across the nation. Prof Akenga beat Prof Byamah both in the recent interview and in the previous one more than two years ago. Prof Sigot, by all indications, is about to be appointed substantive VC at Masinde Muliro University. What else do these rabble rousers want? And anyway learning must go on at Public Universities. Political intrigues and parochial interests must be put on the back-burner. I am not aware of any constitutional provision that allows the Governor, let alone villagers, have a say in the appointment of a CEO of a public university. According to its website the university’s vision is: To be a premier University that is globally visible in knowledge generation and Technological innovations. How can this be achieved if hostile villagers go up in arms each time a non-local takes up some mundane appointment?

  5. Am profoundly ashamed by the aspersions cast on the personality of an astute and accomplished academician by local political leadership. Matters of education traverse local minds and we should avoid mixing local politics with national issues

  6. It is regretable that a leader of melly’s calibre would speak of having a local head the University of Eldoret. This has cast aspersions on his integrity as a leader and as a schooled individual. This negates the spirit of competitive recruitment. Besides, UoE is a public institution with studentship from within and without the country. Melly should be advised to establish a private university where he would excercise control over its leadership.

  7. We r behind interms of devlpmnt due 2 politisizing evrythng,melly styl up n keep off frm matters partaining u.o.e, itz a govt n public institution,

  8. Senator, such a behaviour won’ttake you far. we are thinking regionally globally, your sentiments
    as a leader displays your ignorance, we all need each other, you should have channelled your complaints in a better way, bure kabisa.

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