Uasin Gishu: County Assembly Must Downsize the Executive


[Why County Assembly
must downsize the Governor]

This is a letter to Members of
Uasin Gishu County Assembly,but first a story. In
1631, the King’s printers,
Robert Barker and Martin
Lucas, released the most
‘unchristian’ version of the Holy
Bible. It contained several
mistakes, but one was
particularly inspired: The word
not’ was omitted from the
Seventh Commandment.

This allowed the lusty
Christians, quoting from the
highest authority, to commit
adultery. The Bible became
very popular, especially in rural
England. And the Seventh
Commandment recorded the
highest level of compliance

By the time the error was
discovered, much damage had
been done. King Charles
recalled all the 1,000 copies in
circulation and imposed a fine
of three pounds on the
printers. The Christians
protested. But the “King had to
do, what the King had to do

The moral of the story?
These lusty Christians knew the
truth. They were just taking
advantage of a gap in the law.
And they were doing this
because they had motive. They
needed to satisfy a forbidden
appetite. Instead of the spirit
of the law, they followed the
letter of the law knowing it was

And this is how we must read
Governor Mandago’s
appointments of his cronies. This is nothing but
‘political adultery” The letter of
the law allows it, but the spirit
of the law forbids it.

I write to you as MCA’s, therefore,
because you are the custodians
of the ‘‘spirit of the law’’. If a
law goes against its founding
spirit or intent, it must be
broken. You must ‘‘break’’ this
law. You must establish your
supremacy as makers of law in the county.
Come second voting, therefore, vote
with the county.

Send his cronies home if you
can, or withdraw support from his rigid thinking. In doing so, you
must be informed by only one
fact, not two: They are not public servants.
You must see them as
incompetent ‘‘Mandago operatives’’,
not a people’s servants.

I write to you as MCA’s for
another two reasons. One, the
public trusts you. In
fact, we are proud of you.
But you need to maintain this. You
are our only civil option. The
people’s brief to you must be
as follows: protect us from the
executive. I am informed here
by an emerging and worrying
trend. Generally, the Governor
is insensitive to popular

I have a hypothesis in form of the feedback I have received lately. The Governor is allegedly planning to victimise MCA’s who try to sabotage his operations.
He will be paralysing you. Let me
elaborate using the Hawker crisis:

Regarding the eviction of Hawkers Hon Peter Chomba adviced him that he was
damn wrong. Not in his
intentions to clean the town but in his
methods. He treated the leader’s advice badly.

Hon Chomba wanted the Hawkers
case treated with compassion. “Yes, the
idea of Hawking menace stinks.
However, the occupants are not
mad. They are victims of
systems failure and thuggery in previous
governments. Besides, they are
ours: our women and children.
Instead of using force, go for a negotiable agreement.Sir, you have
to climb down, go easy on the
“arrogance” and push for
he was told.

In a bid to show them he was the authority he went for the latter, forceful evictions. Quoting Hezekiah Kosgei “His approach and ‘modus operandi’,
has not endeared him to many of his
subjects. He is dismissive to opinions
contrary to what he holds, and is
‘naively’ abrasive and intolerant. He
is comfortable operating on his own and
believes he alone knows what is best
for the county,afterall he was elected.
He is suspicious of most people and
has in the process alienated those
that meant well for him, opting to
embrace a close knit society of
friends, mostly former schoolmates,
collegemates or workmates.”

A close ally of the governor who sought anonymity confided to me that the governor has gone beserk,“He says he doesn’t care at all as he is not seeking anyone ‘s favour nor goodwill from anyone not even the deputy president.”

He is further said that he has threatened to victimize MCAs who “joke” with him. That as long as all the county cash goes through
him he will circumvent them and go directly to the people and initiate development projects telling them they elected an incompetent MCA.


[Hon Ketter]

I will elaborate;a few weeks ago the Honourable MCA Hillary Ketter was among those who were visibly vocal that they would stand with the people and demand that the governor abides by the constitution in his appointments. This was followed by a propaganda that the people of Ziwa may have erred by electing a hopeless drunk,who was busy drinking in town.

This shocked many, as nothing could have been further from the truth,Hon Ketter stood with the people. On where the propagandist reared their heads from,your guess is as good as mine.

My advice to the Honourable Members of our county,no amount of victimization should cow you,as long as you are with the people,the people will stand with you. Please cut the governors coat according to his size.

The writer Psinen Pkiech is a Practicing advocate,Political Analyst and Chairman Uasin Gishu Bloggers Association.


2 thoughts on “Uasin Gishu: County Assembly Must Downsize the Executive

  1. thank you for ua opinion. quotes from bible a good example. Ours is a long and persistant prayer for our leaders to change

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