Governor Mandago Should try “Lollipop Diplomacy”


This is a letter to the Governor.
Greetings and a Happy Weekend. I
write to you respectfully and with
restraint. And, in so doing, I speak
for my generation in its 20s and
30s. Good sir, you are in a weak

First, the County appointments fiasco blew up on
your face. Your response: Political
surrender.Then you evicted Hawkers out of CBD and the outcome: A contempt card.

Now you are back to the drawing board and I bet your critics, are rejoicing
indecently. Our response: We have
become a “failed County”. That what
we have is a “failed Governorship”. I write to you, therefore, to suggest
the reasons why. I have three:

One, you need to apply diplomacy. This
might sound flippant, but kindly
indulge me. Those who know you
say that you are an independent mind. They also
say you are a clever man. And I
believe them. No dignity, no pride, no shame.And if this is true, allow me to
make my point. When you lose
your respect as a Governor, you
will be treated like dirt. But there
is also a lesson for you
from the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga. When it came to the Mau evictions, he used
“cowboy diplomacy”. He was tough;
he was rough. What you should have used on Hawkers is
“lollipop diplomacy”. It is superior;
it is soft power. You would have made them feel important, not

All you would have done was a “corridor
and a photo shoot with their representatives and request them through their defenders like Hon Chomba to allow you relocate them “lollipop style”. And this art of “political
is what you should have used.
Instead of “cowboy diplomacy”, you
should have tried“lollipops”.

Two, if your governorship
is failing, therefore, it is because
you have been targeted for “shock
by your critics.In her book,
The Shock Doctrine, Naomi Klein
explains how this works. She
borrows from the CIA electroshock
experiment in the 1950s. In fact,
this experiment was used to
develop the torture manual used
by the US in Guatanamo Bay.
During these experiments,
electroshocks were given to
suspects. Those who failed to
respond to the shocks were given a
higher voltage. And the greater
the resistance, the more shocks a
suspect received. The idea was to
subdue the suspects, not to help
them in the development of a
better personality.
Klein uses this example to show
how the West applies “shock
on political individuals
they want to subdue. And my
hypothesis, sir, is that you are
targeted for this.

In fact, Mr Hawker
and his “brother” MCA’s
have brought the “shock machine”
this week. The question is: will you

My third reason is evangelical. And
it borrows from Leo Tolstoy’s book
War and Peace. In this book he
says “we lost because we told
ourselves we lost
”.Similarly, yours
is a failed governorship because you
have told yourself so. Allow me to
demonstrate using a story. A son
and his father were walking on the
mountains. Suddenly, the son fell,
hurt himself, and screamed:
“Aaahhhhhhh!” To his surprise, he
heard the voice repeat itself from
the mountain:
“Aaahhhhhhh!” Curious, he yelled
back: “Who are you?” It answered
back “Who are you?” At this point,
he screamed at the mountain: “I
admire you
”. The voice answered
back “I admire you”. Angered by
the response, he screamed back
“Coward”. He received the answer
Coward”. Now he got confused
and turned to his father and asked
What is going on?”.
The father smiled and asked him to
pay attention. At this point, the
father shouted at the mountain
“You are a Champion!” and the
mountain shouted back “You are a
”. The boy did not
understand. Then the father
explained: “People call this an
echo, but really, this is life. It
gives you back everything you say
or do. Your life is an echo of your

Sir, if you go around like
a “failed governor”, we will
believe you are one. And so, “don’t just sit there, do something.” A guy who claimed to be a member of your cabinet,at a meeting in Comfy Hotel yesterday,said you were out to implement your manifesto and didn’t care wether you will be re-elected or not. I believe you care and will do something about it. The reckless statement from such a close ally taught me that “you should not forget good deeds and should surround yourself with sober
because if he is a member of your “kitchen cabinet” then as my fellow analyst wrote,with such friends you don’t need enemies.

The Writer Psinen Pkiech is a Practicing Advocate,Political Analyst and Chairman Uasin Gishu Bloggers


8 thoughts on “Governor Mandago Should try “Lollipop Diplomacy”

  1. This is a great way to keep our leadership in check but more importantly share valid point of views to those who are far and out of touch with the grass roots.

  2. Psinen,,this is weird if not thinking backward,,your assertion is bia,malicious and unfounded,you seem to intimidate our governor with no genuine reason,our Governor has demonstrated zero tolerance to corruption and great ability to clean the town,,some critics are just parroting and they dont even qualify to be village elder,,

  3. huyu jamaa aachane na governor wetu.if there a better governor you know in a bettter county then you can change residence as it is allowed by the katiba.mtoto hawezi saliwa na kukimbia the same day.tuko pamoja na governor wetu.

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