Kesses MP,James Bett says Legislators Salary demands Justified


Kesses Member of Parliament,James Bett,has backed MPs’
demands for higher salaries. He
defended their agitation
for the hike saying they were
preparing for a fresh battle with Serem’s

Speaking in Turbo while attending Hon Elisha Busienei’s homecoming party, Bett blamed the
media for ‘misleading’ citizens
and being disrespectful by
portraying MP’s as greedy.

He faulted the Salaries
and Remuneration Commission
(SRC) for tampering with a salary
structure drawn by MPs in 2003.

While responding to claims that he was not receiveng phone calls from wananchi Bett argued that it would take them sometime to settle down and until then constituents should not bother them with phone calls.

cursing us when we ignore your calls. Give us time to settle .We
are not committing any crime,”
he said.



3 thoughts on “Kesses MP,James Bett says Legislators Salary demands Justified

  1. The current mps have really let us down….we did sent them to parliament and so far none of them have spoken to defend their own even during the vetting….i was really disapointed….wapi sudi he coned kapsaret pple;;he took off and never to return…wapi sila tiren….?you have all behaved as tho you were forced to parliament..Next round dont even bother to attempt…we the proffessionals will do it this time…style up kalenjin mps….speak up and defend the constitution.

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