Governor Mandago should Accept and Move on


Hell has broken lose in Uasin Gishu County,the two lions in our flags court of arms are at each other.

Members of County Assembly,rejected the list of Cabinet nominees yesterday,it was a welcome thing as majority residents had shown their disagreement with Governor Mandago’s -gender insensitive,ethnic in-balance,crony award-appointments. Kudos our Honourable MCA’s for rising to the occassion,you didn’t dissappoint us.

That was a wake-up call to the Governor,a parent must
be apparent .In terms of information
generation and dissemination to
empower, mobilize and call to
positive action Uasin Gishu
community, you are a parent that
need to play the role of a true
parent. On this one, you had lost the
plot. You ought to have made your appointments in a
more profundity fashion over, above
and beyond the prolific and
sensation elementary political
chest-thumb you used.
From an archive of intellectual
information like him, I expected a
higher level threshold of measuring
leadership maturity in the county
especially for a leder holding such a top seat.

Governor Mandago seems to have his priorities wrong or am I right? While other Governors are busy brokering Multi-million business investments we have spend a week fighting hawkers. One update on social media explained it; “Looking at the fleet of Municipal Vehicles,thronged with police officers parading the streets of Eldoret,one might think hawkers are the only problem we have as a county.”

Is it a case of misplaced priorities? I bet diplomacy would have worked since the forceful hawker-evictions were counter-productive going by the slogans those disgruntled hawkers chanted. Corrupting the Governors name to “Matako must go.” I bet this will feature in Citizen’s Truthmeter or KASS TV’s Kwon’gutik.

It’s not that Hawkers should lump our streets but the big question is to where? Proper steps should be taken in ensuring relocation of hawkers to somewhere not to nowhere.

With the advisors and friends the Governor has,he doesn’t need any enemies. He should set his priorities right. A resident of Ziwa for example would tell you the major problem facing them is the pathetic state of Ziwa Sub-District Hospital likewise to a resident of Tulwet/Chuiyat with the pathetic “tarmacked” Kesses-Lessos Road.

A chat I had with someone close to a high office after hawkers had requested the holder to intervene in their plight was a message of “That was your choice,accept and move on.” I understand the said High Office holder wants us to use this five years to learn that “Choices have consequences.”

Going by the dimming popularity Governor Mandago is currently facing,my advice to him is simple. Sir,Accept and move on.

The writer Gideon Kiprop is a Masters Degree Holder in Mass Communication and Journalism and Vice Chairman Uasin Gishu Bloggers Association.


5 thoughts on “Governor Mandago should Accept and Move on

  1. Does the Governors knows his reponsibilities?What are his experience i.e qualification,working experience,communal contribution,family etc.
    What are his asperations,what plans does he have for the county from Tangasir in the northern tip to the south.Am coming to believe what a friend once told me we may have elected a mayor

  2. I believe in Governor Mandago lets give him time, things are not always easy as we may think. Fodger ahead Bwana Mandago two yrs down the line we’ll commence constructive criticism

  3. mandago is very right,come n see what Kabogo has done in githurai 45..order should be installed in eldoret whether by force or law

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