Open Letter to “My Excellency” Governor Jackson Mandago

Hello Honourable Governor or as I heard your fellow colleagues reffering to theirselves in Naivasha ” My Excellency Sir!”

Governor Sir,Under the National Flag, Emblems
and Names Act Cap 99 Laws of
Kenya, only the President, Vice-
President, Chief Justice, Speaker of
the National Assembly, Ministers,
and the Attorney-General are
allowed to fly the National flag.

The law further stipulates that those who
fly the National flag on any motor
vehicle against the law shall be
guilty of an offence and if
convicted fined Sh2, 000 or two
months in jail.

Sir,the Law is clear on that but I was surprised that you went public saying you will
continue flying the flag until an
official communication is issued by
the Transition Authority (TA).

“Right now I am traveling to
Naivasha for a meeting with my
flag flying. We are yet to receive
formal communication from the
officials concerned,” those were your exact words “My excellency”.

You said there was nothing wrong
with you flying a flag like other
senior State officers. “We should
be flying flags as per the law. As
Governors flags were issued to us
by the Government body,” you said.

My question is,which Law were you reffering to? If you continue flying that will clearly be a sign of Impunity from your side. As a governor you should be a defender of our constitution and not above the law. Stick to the rule of Law.

Honourable Governor,you should already know there is a provision
that county governments will have
their own flags. I would have expected you to have called all the major stakeholders by now to give contributions in designing the County Flag,which only you will officially fly.

The obsession to fly a flag does not befit somebody like you whose campaign platform was simplicity. I would advice you to concentrate your energies not on title recognition but ensuring we all fight for devolution. Without complete devolution the flag you are fighting for will have nothing to show after five years.

cc. Concerned citizen.


3 thoughts on “Open Letter to “My Excellency” Governor Jackson Mandago

  1. Concerned citizen!.
    I believe in every wordingz yu have stated. Thatz proper use of your brains,n indeed,U/G county deserves the best.
    Hon Mandago shud be busy scheming on how to boost our county a bar higher.
    Let him fly te county flag,n the obsession of a National flag wont help in any way!.
    Kazi ianze,cox kusema,mshasema!. Kutenda sasa!.

  2. My Honourable Governor. I am making a humble request to you, you seem to have forgotten your residents leaving in Pioneer area new U. G Pioneer Health Center towrds Discipleship college. The small road to our houses is in bad shape. We can hardly access our houses during rainy days. There are no drainages. Please Sir remember us.

    Thank you and be blessed.

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