Hon David Koros’ Supporters Can’t Let him CONCEDE Defeat

[Photo File]Supporters roughing up at a campaign rally

[Photo File]Supporters roughing up at a campaign rally

[Hon Koros has never accepted defeat ever since,in 2007 ODM nominations
he was beaten but claimed his victory was stolen and decamped to ODM Kenya,
He Later joined ODM under unclear circumstances and in December 2012 he jumped Ship to URP.
In last months URP nominations he was defeated by James Bett in what his supporter
claim was a flawed election and has since heeded the call by his
fanatic followers to be on the ballot and is now contesting on a KANU ticket]

26th Feb 2013 by Isaac Kosgey,

This is not a reading of the
horoscope or tea leaves; nor is a
look at the crystal ball. Neither is
it a “doomsday scenario at home in
Mayan prophecies”.

No, it is really a common-sense
conclusion borne from looking at
the most probable scenarios that
will develop if and when Koros loses the election on 4th March.

Last month the URP candidate James Bett
campaigned in Kesses; a region
assumed to support Koros. He also campaigned in Asururiet,Chepkoiyo and Lelmolok, each of these
rallies was very well attended by

However the recent incident
that happened in Cheptiret centre indicate
that Koros and his supporters have not learnt much
from the 2007 defeat.

In Cheptiret as Bett was
speaking to what was largely a very
receptive crowd a small group of
less than 20 young men, all looking
visibly intoxicated,
started chanting pro-Koros
slogans. They were quickly ushered
out of the field by the rest of the
public, but it was quite clear
someone had mobilized and
motivated them to do what they
had done.

In Kesses during a URP rally where there were close to
2,000 people at the rally another
group of less than 100 young men,
again quite visibly intoxicated, also
started shouting pro-Koros
slogans. When their attempts to
interrupt the rally failed they then
staged a well-choreographed ‘cheering’.

A week ago URP aspirants were to hold a joint campaign rally in Kesses but was called off after information that Koros-branded stickers had been circled at the point where
the team was holding their rally.

When Bett was at his rally in Cheptiret the small group of not
more than 20 young men; again
visibly intoxicated, congregated at
one corner of the rally and started
shouting pro-koros slogans and
displaying Koros branded
material. When their attempts to
stop the rally were ignored by the
public they then started hauling
abuses at their colleagues who were
listening to the URP candidate. They
even went to the extent of
roughing up Bett’s supporters.

Koros himself has not come out to
condemn these acts, at least publicly. I wonder
whether he fully understands that
his supporters could very easily
have lit the matchstick that starts
Kesses on a slippery slope to
violence against rival candidates. I
wonder whether his supporters have
impressed on their
leader, who I think is arguably behind
these actions, considering that Koros
has transversed the constituency
without Bett’s supporters resorting
to such actions.

Does Koros understand what
would happen if Bett’s supporters
decided to do the same at his
campaigns, or are they assuming
they have an exclusivity getting
small groups of young men drunk
on cheap liquor, and having them
throw insults at other leaders?
Isn’t this the same thing that
happened five years ago?
Is there a quiet strategy being
employed by Koros team to ensure that
members of the public in regions
assumed to be their strongholds do
not interact with rival candidates?

Is the same Koros behind these
actions the same one calling
himself reformed? How is it that
he has no shame intoxicating young men so that they can
throw insults at other candidates? How does
he expect to be respected by
other constituents in the unlikely event
that he ascend to
this office again?

What I find even sadder is the
effect of these incidences on Koros past tainted image with his youth wing-Taliban. As an ardent supporter pointedly
told the young men in Cheptiret what
they were doing was being beamed
across the
entire county. He asked them
whether they understood that they
were confirming to the whole county that
it was not far-fetched to imagine
followers of the Former MP
being behind public acts of
violence during his tenure. He pointed out to them
that what they were doing was
what had taken their parliamentary candidate home in 2007.

Finally, I know Hon David Koros
has never stated on a single occasion
that he will concede defeat when
he loses on March 4th. I actually don’t
believe him. What I am also concerned
about are his followers, and his
incapacity to resist pressure from

Just one month ago he made
a decision to quit active politics after losing the URP nominations.
However his supporters forced him
to rescind this decision and contest on a KANU ticket. After
watching his supporters in Cheptiret and Kesses,the fact that they
have shown a capacity to violently
resist Bett’s leadership, I am worried that they
will not allow him to concede
defeat after March 4th. I hope I
am wrong.

The writer Dr Isaac Kosgey is a Moi University Senior Lecturer and Member of NCCK North Rift. He is also a Human Rights activist and Member of North Rift Amani Kabla na Baada ya Uchaguzi -isaackos@newsweekly.com


6 thoughts on “Hon David Koros’ Supporters Can’t Let him CONCEDE Defeat

  1. Unbecoming behaviour and the spirit of permissiveness shall never be entertained ago. There is a new constitution firmly in place and let them be informed of Elections Act No. 24 of 2011 on election offences and its penalties.

  2. Daktari,i really support your comments and infact the right minded and intelligent people of kesses const. have seen his deeds.He should never set foot in parliament.
    On the issue of accepting defeat come 4yh march,he shall have no say.He doesnt elect himself and democracy will be practised.Again IEBC are ready for such rogue candidates in the name of leaders.Koros is used to that medieval behaviour that has no room in this century.Let him know that by intoxicating the a few unemployed youths,he cant do the same to every voter! Someone should put some civilization in him if he dreams of a future comeback.Otherwise,let every constituent monitor him and rogue supportes.Let him not be cheated of not conceding defeat!Kesses is bigger than an induvidual called Koros andthere is no room for violence.Government agencies arent sleeping on the job and soon everything shall come to be halted.

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