Hostile Crowd distrupts James Bett’s rally

856905_391431984285916_1491631451_oKesses URP Parliamentary candidate was on Saturday booed and
heckled by a hostile crowd during
a campaign rally in Cheptiret.

crowd, who also reportedly hurled abuses at the aspirant’s
convoy, became rowdy after James Bett made a statement about the six-piece voting style.

The rowdy crowd chanted slogans praising KANU candidate David Koros.
Koros later speaking to us on phone condemned the
incident, urging Kesses constituents to be
tolerant of others’ views even when
they have divergent political views.

He also called on leaders to avoid
incitement language to maintain
peaceful campaigns.

URP Kesses
Committee Chairman Paul Tanui
also condemned the incident,
calling it “the greatest height of
indiscipline and a lack of respect
by those involved,” adding that Mr
Bett, just like any other
aspirant, has a right to campaign
in any part of the constituency.

He also
urged URP supporters across the
constituency to welcome their
opponents warmly and accord
them respect.



6 thoughts on “Hostile Crowd distrupts James Bett’s rally

  1. Peace is all we need,jb n koros av their right to b in any part of keses,i wnt to condemn tht kind of behaviour,

  2. the act is a state of indignified political tyrany…..the county at large is cosmopolitan and every aspirant has his views

  3. It is important to stick in everybody’s mind that fair and transparent party nomination is necessary to set a peaceful climate for general election campaigns.

  4. actually that kind of behavior should be condemned and an advise to the people of Kesses ‘if you feel that you will not be comfortable in an aspirant rally please don’t move even closer because it can land you in more problems that the ones you were trying to solve.allow every one to share his own views the power is your vote not your mouth.’

  5. This are the acts of a few individuals who are being lured by certain politicians. Buying Alcohol to people to disrupt the meeting is the old generation way of doing things. Opinion poll was conducted during the rally and chocking enough Bett won. Lets join hands together and vote Jubilee the six piece.

  6. At this 21st century it”s really shocking, immature and and retroprogresive way of expressing our diverge views, we shd all condemn the actions strongly and those involved should brought to book and be judged accordingly, We shd embrace democracy and play a mature politics. lets learn from the past and vorge ahead.

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