Hon David Koros asks voters not to be swayed by party euphoria

A parliamentary candidate in the
March 4 elections has urged
Uasin Gishu residents to elect leaders
based on their performance instead
of giving priority to political

Former Eldoret South MP David Koros said URP nominations
were marred by irregularities and
they may have not reflected the
voice of the people.

Koros, who is running for
Kesses parliamentary seat, told the
voters to elect leaders regardless of
the party they are in.

Koros is contesting on the KANU
Party ticket after losing in the URP
primaries to James Bett who
got 7,300 votes while Koros got 6,500.

Initially Bett had been disqualified but was later cleared and announced the winner.

Koros said the results had been
“Voters should cast their votes in a
way that will help them solve their
myriad challenges,” he said.
He said claims by leaders of
political parties that “you vote six piece” have no
place in the modern society.

Koros observed that the suit voting
pattern that people have adopted
since the time immemorial has
caused people to regret for
electing bad people that get into
power through political euphoria.



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