Peris Simam likely to get Re-Elected

With just less than 48hours to the URP Nomination Eldoret South MP Peris Simam has improved her chances of re-election with Daily Tracking Poll showing she was still on top. With 27% Simam could be certain of clinching the URP ticket.

The polls shows Simam was closely followed by George Rop with 25% with Former Eldoret South MP David Koros coming a distant third with 20%. The Serengeti Consultancy group tracking shows Tito Koiyet has improved his rating by one point coming fourth with 10% compared to James Bett who has dropped by four points to 6%.

With other candidates now ranking with low percentage ratings all polling agencies have focused mainly on the top five contestants with Bluetooth also releasing its polling results early Tuesday morning that reflected a negligible difference with the Serengeti poll.

The results were as follows;
Peris Simam 25%
George Rop 24%
David Koros 20%
Tito Koiyet 10%
James Bett 6%
Philip Melly 3%
Jonathan Birgen 2%

Other aspirants ranked with below 1%.

Will Simam clinch the URP Ticket and break the jinx of re-election? With less than 48 hours that seems more likely to happen considering she now has command of the town vote as indicated by her polling 72% in r
Racecourse ward. In Cheptiret/Kipchamo ward Simam also led with 53% while in Tulwet/Chuiyat ward Rop dominated polling 79% while in Tarakwa ward it was a 49% tie between Simam and Rop.



2 thoughts on “Peris Simam likely to get Re-Elected

  1. This could really happen given the fact that she is a smooth operator compared to Koros but i beg to differ with you on Koiyet’s position for it is evident that he’s also a force,given the chance this is the man who can bring the change the Kesses people have been yearning for

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