Kesses Constituency Opinion Poll

Five days to party nomination and the Kesses Parliamentary race has already shaped up to a three-horse race. A survey conducted by Infotrak Haris reflects a wide margin between the first three aspirants and the rest.

Peris Simam still tops the polls with 23% with David Koros and George Rop tying at number two with 22%. The third candidate who leads the second pack,James Bett had 10% while Koiyet was fourth with 7%.

It’s now clear that the race will be a three-horse race between David Koros,Peris Simam and George Rop. They all have a common factor in that they command their backyards total vote,Kesses,Tarakwa and Tulwet respectively.


5 thoughts on “Kesses Constituency Opinion Poll

  1. what a race! now that few days are remaining before the nomination, what is your view on the remaining days; will it bring change?

  2. Glad Koiyet is trailing – i don’t want a leader who has laywers after him for not paying his debts. Go Go Go Simam

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