Kesses Parliamentary Aspirant,George Rop,shares his Manifesto

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• Campaign slogan; Taunet nelel[New beginning]

 Youth Empowerment
I will liase with relevant field players in securing attachment to graduates for eventual employment,approach institutions like Moi University to absorb our Youth in employment and to prioritise community extension programs and organizing regular sponsored tournaments by companies like KCB&Kenya Pipeline through which our youth will be absorbed directly.I will prioritize establishment of technical institutes and ensure Youth get easy access to Economic Empowerment Funds.

 Women Empowerment
Mobolise women into socio-economic groups so that they can be assisted to get easy access to funds like the UN Fund for Gender Equality for innovative programs to achieve economic empowerment and encourage rural women to engage in farming as an economic activity.

 Aged Citizen& Persons with disabilities
Iwill pursue the monthly payment for citizens over 65years and furthermore empower them economically to initiate projects they can handle like bee keeping. I will ensure persons with disabilities are assisted to easily access National Development Fund as stipulated under Section 32 of the Disability Act 2003

 Agricultural Development
I will create market links for farmers outputs and establish links with financial agencies,initiate establishment of cottage industries and co-operative societies and sensitize farmers to move from subsistence to commercial farming,short season crop cultivation and engagement in export farming in sectors like flower and ornamental fish farming.

 Parliamentary Representation&Open Leadership
I will fully represent Kesses in Parliament through constructive Parliamentary debate and constantly raising issues that are of great concern to the people of Kesses. I will also organize open forums to sensitize the community on the ongoings in the constituency and in National Politics and will ensure easy accessibility by the constituents so as to be aware of issues affecting them through consistent presence.

 Infrastructure Improvement
I will liase with County and Central Government to ensure we have good road networks,health facilities,water distribution and rural electrification programs.

• Education
Educating our Future workforce is critical in an ever evolving knowledge economy. Data shows that educational attaintment is clearly linked to economic prosperity. Economic growth in a non-manufacturing economy is dependent on
raising education standards,increasing the number of college graduates,and improving workforce skills. I will also equip the already existing schools to ensure they have the necessary facilities for effective learning. I will also establish Educational foundations and launch operational sponsorship programs through foundations like EMO.

• Manufacturing
Under Vision 2030,Uasin Gishu(Kesses) is earmarked to host one of the Special Economic Zones(SEZ)focusing on manufacturing,value addition,blending&packaging of fertilizer,maize,passion fruit and milk. I will compel the national government to jumpstart these initiatives while at the same time providing the required support to make the major economic projects a reality.

• Tourism
I will initiate through various stakeholders a modernization and diversification exercise of our tourism industry with a target of creating a vibrant brand that is rich in culture and unique. I will push for the creation of policies that are friendly to investors and tourists.

• Sports Infrastructure
Kesses has to take it’s rightful place in producing top sports men/women in all disciplines. I will work with stakeholders to develop sports academies and talent centres in our constituency. I will compel the National Government to build a stadium and sports centres in our constituency. Sports will be run and promoted like a business where sportsmen/women benefit from their talent.

• Solid Waste Management
I will roll out a comprehensive Solid Waste Management project that will involve Public Private Partnership. Part of the waste generated will be used to produce manure&electricity while the rest will be recycled. I will Introduce Legislation that promotes recycling of waste and a greener environment.

• Security
I will liase with County Government and National Government in provision of Standard and Quality Security in our Constituency and promote unity and peaceful co-existence and need for community policing structures.

• Church Involvement/Diaspora Involvement
I will ensure the church is fully involved in decision making since God and Leadership are inseparable. I will also ensure we tap diasporans resourcefulness by encouraging them to invest locally and open channels for others to reach wherever they are.

George Rop(Aspiring MP Kesses Constituency)


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