Survey Shows Kesses Parliamentary Race Neck-to-Neck

The latest opinion poll by Bluetooth Surveys
released yesterday showed Peris Simam is still the
front runner for Kesses Parliamentary race with
17 per cent support compared to
16 percent tie between James Bett and George Rop.

Bluetooth CEO Hellen Korir said
the poll was undertaken between
December 20th and December 27th with a
sample size of 1500 respondents in
4 county Wards who represented the
adult population of 150,000 with
a margin error of plus or minus
2.53 percent and a 95 percent
degree of confidence.

Ranked Fourth was Former Eldoret South MP David Koros
with 11.3 percent support, and
then Tito Koiyet with 10.0 percent, Jonathan Birgen was sixth with
6.8 per cent and Ben Rutto
with 4.3 percent.
Philip Matelong and Silas Kering each had 2.0

Others were ranked with below 1%.

The research implies that
Koros’s popularity has dropped by
4 per cent and Jonathan Birgen by 9 per cent since the last Serengeti
survey in November Tito Koiyet has
jumped by 3 per cent. The
biggest gainers appears to be
Bett and Rop whose support has been
steady since the
September Eldo poll survey.

Koros drop is attributed to,his change of party with many saying he was better in ODM incase irregularities were to occur in URP primaries. Korir said there was a strong
correlation between political party
popularity and individual.


4 thoughts on “Survey Shows Kesses Parliamentary Race Neck-to-Neck

  1. The survey is only based on what people believe to be true. But when candidates like Koiyet are being pursued legally for business liabilities then it must impact on the community’s choices – i look forward to the next survey where Koros should retain what he has lost – after all he is just playing politics and Koiyet should be seen for the candidate he is someone who lacks integrity.

  2. Not realistc,pepea hasikiki,koros is funded by odm,bett is nt popular,Ben shud b smewhere on top,he came earlier 2 race

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