Wareng KUPPET and KNUT endorse George Rop

Just a few weeks before the URP Party nominations Kesses Parliamentary Aspirant George Rop received another
boost in the race to Parliament.

Rop was endorsed for the
parliamentary seat by a section of top
KUPPET and KNUT officials and members.

The officials and members pledged to support
Rop, saying he was the only
candidate who could be trusted
to fight for the rights of teachers in line with the new
Constitution that carries the hopes
and aspirations of the teaching fraternity.

“We have been given a lot of hope
by your commitment to justice and
equity. We would therefore give
you 100 per cent support for the
parliamentary seat,” declared Wareng KNUT Chairman Cheboson Mibei, who read the
memorandum on behalf of the

Speaking in Eldoret town
on Friday, the over 300 teachers noted that Rop had shown
maturity and true leadership since he served them as TAC Tutor unlike some of his

They also asked Rop to
address the problem of teachers transfers
and victimisation of teachers,
claiming that it had become
synonymous with them.

They said Rop
had shown tremendous support to
the teaching fraternity by being on the forefront in Education reform.



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