Tito Koiyet Confident of Clinching Kesses Parliamentary Seat

As the country gears up for the
forthcoming historical March 4
elections, numerous candidates for
various elective positions are
placing themselves strategically to
clinch the ultimate prize.
In the newly created and largely
cosmopolitan Kesses Constituency,
Tito Koiyet, a parliamentary aspirant
has firmly and decisively led the
way in setting the agenda towards
issue based campaigns for the hotly
contested seat. And in laying down
these issues, Koiyet expressly states
that he has a vision that Kesses will
be a constituency with a promising,
bright future and a prosperous all
inclusive society that enjoys high
quality life and exploits its
resources to the maximum for the
benefit of everyone; an educated,
economically independent and a
confident people. He envisages a
people able to provide and meet
their families’ needs adequately.

But just who is this man, Tito Koiyet
and how does he intend to make
that happen?

Koiyet was born in the
current Kesses Constituency in the
County of Uasin Gishu. He attended
Kerita Primary School before going
for his Secondary education in
Baringo. He did his Bachelor of
Science Degree in Physics and
Mathematics in Kenyatta University.
Koiyet then proceeded to the
University of Nairobi for his Master
of Science Degree in Information
systems. He crowned his long years
in education with a second Master
of Science Degree in Project
Management, Management
Information Systems (MIS) from the
University of Edinburgh in Scotland,
the United Kingdom. He is a
member of various local and
international professional

Tito Koiyet, who is currently a
university lecturer in computer
science, a consultant and a
businessman, says he is running for
the Kesses Constituency
parliamentary seat because he
shares in the dreams- both realized
and those lost – aspirations and
frustrations of the inhabitants of
Kesses. Koiyet says he is running so
that he can give back to the
community that has invested so
much in him, by allowing them to
find a forum in the office of their
member of parliament where they
can set their own agenda for
development according to their
priorities at various levels.

This, he
says, will enable his people
prioritize and take charge of their
destiny. Koiyet seeks to use his
educational background, training
and experience in enabling the
constituency to focus on quality
infrastructure, commodity value
addition, resource mapping and
other key areas that will provide
impetus to various economic
activities and drive the constituency
towards prosperity.
Looking at Tito Koiyet’s impressive
resume and listening to him
passionately expound on the key
areas and deliverables in his
manifesto including agri-business
and alternative economy, health,
water and environment, security,
community integration and
coexistence, it is clear that this
man is cut for the job.

Koiyet has
had the opportunity of working for
African Development Bank as an MIS
Specialist attached to the Nyayo Tea
Zones Improvement and Forest
Conservation Project, a Government
of Kenya project implemented by
the Nyayo Tea Zones Development
Corporation where he was
instrumental in its still ongoing five
billion shillings second phase. He
has worked for several other
institutions including Trust Bank
Ltd. He is also a member of various
local and international professional
an political bodies.

Koiyet says his experience sets him
apart and places him in a unique
position as he sets out to provide
visionary and participatory
leadership characterized by honesty,
transparency and accountability. He
intimates that he will use the
opportunity as a member of
parliament to build partnerships and
collaborations between various
interest groups in the constituency
and external entities even as the
constituency will seek to fit in an be
visible as the development cog of
Uasin Gishu County, and its work
and heritage showcased nationally
and internationally.

Even with these assignments and the
huge expectations of the people of
Kesses Constituency, Tito Koiyet
promises them that he will be a
vibrant and articulate legislator in
the 11th Parliament, championing
local and national issues and the
passing of laws that will see to a
prosperous nation where everyone
enjoys equal opportunity to earning
a just and dignified living.

The ball
of decision making rests squarely on
the court of the people of Kesses

The writer Geofrey Lelmet is the Chief Editor KASS Weekly Magazine.


5 thoughts on “Tito Koiyet Confident of Clinching Kesses Parliamentary Seat

  1. Congratz Koiyet.Go for it n be a gud servant to the citizens, make da manifesto 2 be real.Timiza na TITO

  2. He might be a “brilliant bloke” and a “gud prof” but it seems in business he is far from “honesty, transparency and accountability” and does not have my support as I know that this man being pursued legally for outstanding business debts? If he won’t pay his bills – how can he run our community?

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