Hon David Koros defection to URP ‘Aborted’

Former Eldoret South MP David Koros was
set to dump Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) for William Rutto’s bandwagon the
United Republican Party
(URP) late yesterday together with ODM Chairman Henry Kosgey,our sources have established.

According to a credible source
close to the two, talks were at
an advanced stage between the ODM Chairman and URP party leader
William Rutto but were later aborted.

Inside sources revealed that Kosgey had requested Rutto to give them a free pass for Kosgey to run for Nandi County Senate post and Koros for the Kesses Parliamentary seat.

It’s said that Rutto was categorical that there was no way the two could be given direct nominations
in URP. “Kosgey was made to
understand this and forget about
forcing URP to give him and his friend a
direct nomination,” revealed a URP allied MP from Rift Valley.

uasingishupolitics@ovi.com via Rift Valley Mirror.


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