Educate Voters; Kesses Parliamentary Aspirant tells IEBC

Kesses Parliamentary aspirant
George Rop has asked the
electoral commission to create
more awareness on the voter
registration .

The Former Tac Tutor said voters
have not been educated well on the
new registration process.
“We need to educate the voters
since many think the old voter’s
cards will be used. They have
not turned up to register afresh,” he said.

Rop was speaking at St.Marys Academy,Masaba in Kesses
while attending a prayer session for KCPE Candidates.

He said the BVR kits are still few
and they rotate from one station to
another. “Some people have been
going to their registration centers
only to meet the machines are not

The provincial administration
should help in order to ensure the
voters are well informed to avoid
confusion,” he added.

He also urged residents to join him in a Voter Registration Walk to be held on 10th December from Lower to Upper Tulwet to mobilise community members to register as voters.

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11 thoughts on “Educate Voters; Kesses Parliamentary Aspirant tells IEBC

  1. ,,,,its just too unfortunate because iebc assumed that the electorates where well informed about the bvr ,well its shocking to note that even the elite society still seats waiting for a direction,many still do not know whats happening and ignorance seem to engage a high gear day in day out,,,,lord forbid,,,,

  2. To the writter y lie on front of ths pple am from masaba,am a teacher at masaba i didnt see Goerge rop in the function wch ws held on 22nd do u wan to tell me my 2 eyes r nt funtioning

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