Hon Peris Simam’s Nomination Nightmare

A confidant of Eldoret South MP Peris Simam has revealed to us that the greatest obstacles
against Simam’s re-election in the
January 7 URP Nominations are James Bett and George Rop
and not any of the other URP Aspirants.

According to him, the other aspirants do not pose any threat
to Simam’s chances in

The confidant who sought anonymity spoke to us on
This revelation comes
as many political pundits predict a
neck-to-neck competition in the upcoming
URP nominations.

It is said that Simam’s team hired a private firm to carry out an opinion poll recently. The outcome showed the ratings of the two aspirants were very high. “We have gone back to the drawing board to figure out how to tame the growing popularity of this two,”added our source.

As the nominations draw close,
Simam and her team are combing the length
and breadth of the constituency
trying to clip opponents
and justifying why the constituents must
vote for her.

It had been predicted earlier that Jonathan Birgen would be Simam’s big problem
but her confidant maintained that
Birgen popularly known as the “engine” is less of their
problems, cautioning supporters
of their team against
Bett and Rop.

He however indicated that they were unperturbed by the machinations
of their opponents to defame the
MP and were focused to
advance the Better Kesses Agenda.

The confidant noted that
although Hon Simam’s re-election had
been rekindled by her core supporters, more must be done to
ensure a landslide victory for her in January nominations.

He added that Kesses will be very
safe under a gentle leader like
Simam and thus it will
be expedient for every Kesses constituent to
vote massively for her.

He insisted that Simam
deserves another term based on her
performance over the last five
years in parliament.

However another insider
expressed dismay at the confidants comments since
according to him it amounted to leakage of vital information.

He said they had spent
sleepless nights strategizing to
beat the two in their campaigns.

He also added that they would leave
no stone unturned to ensure they win the nomination as that will guarantee her re-election.



2 thoughts on “Hon Peris Simam’s Nomination Nightmare

  1. Pepea is being misguided by his political tygoons power brokers can eny1 approach her to step down and sound adefect,coz she is sorounded by scandle of embezzlement of taxpayers moni.

  2. it’s total truth that hon simam has a scandal of the suspended projects basing on the facts her records are not clean at all she should step aside and pave way for people who are focused and with clean records to bring change in kesses

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