Why Kesses Constituency doesn’t need Peris Simam/ David Koros Rivalry

With just months to go before
the polls close on this historic
election season, the
candidates and their
campaigns are making their arguments. Voters will
soon render their verdict, and
the choice seems starker than
at any point in this race.

So far no one has offered
Kesses a path to a better
future and a detailed, specific
“Plan for prosperity, policies that would
create jobs
and improve distribution of public funds”.
Policies that would restore fiscal
sanity to the Constituency’s capital
and opportunity to an
economy that has lacked it
for 47 long years.

A few have been big and
selling their policies-Philip Matelong,George Rop,Tito Koiyet and Silas Kering. The rest have
been small and petty,always attacking and bellitling other aspirants with no clear policies.

In their
attempt to become Members of Parliament for a second round Hon Peris Siman and Former MP David Koros
have diminished the
When others are offering
solutions to tackle our
greatest challenges, they are defending their poor leadership.

When they should be offering a
positive vision, their teams have
resorted to negative attacks.
While others are looking to
the future, they are
desperately wrapping themselves in
the mantle of the past.
Nothing says “forward” quite
like nostalgia for the 2002/2007.

They both have not earned re-
election. We cannot afford
five more years like the past
ten. With no new ideas,
nothing would be different in giving any of the two
a second term.

Kesses needs a new
direction, but they
refuse to accept
responsibility for their failures
and have displayed a shocking
unwillingness to change
course. As a result, our road network is pathetic. Distribution of public funds is questionable. High youth
unemployment has become a
chronic condition as their policies have blocked
the recovery they promised.
Harry Truman once observed,
“Men make history and not
the other way around. In
periods in which there is no
leadership, society stands still.
Progress occurs when
courageous, skillful leaders
seize the opportunity to
change things for the better.”

They both made history with
their first time election but they didn’t make
history with their leadership.

There was no progress. Their
tenure could be described as
stasis at best. They have not and
are not capable of the
“courageous, skillful”
leadership Truman prescribed
and Kesses needs.

We need leaders who will prove to be true
problem-solvers,who will reduce
unemployment. Who will work
across party lines, and will
do the same in Parliament to
bring an end to partisan

I’ve had the amazing
opportunity as a Member of NCCK- North Rift
to travel the Constituency these
past two years. In each place,
without exception, I’ve met constituents who want nothing
more than real leadership
from their MP. They’re
tired of the gamesmanship
and hyperpartisan politics of
this last two tenures, for which
intollerance,divisive politics and well-crafted
narratives take precedence
over common-sense solutions.

Indeed, what does it say about
their leadership,that
the most pressing problems
we face today are the very
problems they were elected to
solve? Ten years later, we’re
not better off. We’re sitting at
the edge of a cliff, about
to fall into an entirely
predictable crisis in the
absence of credible

Recognizing the need for a
new direction work needs to be
done, even now: Voters need
to be contacted and urged to
vote for the right candidates.Talk to your
friends and family
to make sure they cast their
ballots. The polls tell us the
election will be incredibly
close. We cannot take any
Kesses needs a proven
leader with a plan — one who
thinks big and can bring all
parties together. There are only
a few such leaders in this race,choose carefully. Case

Political Pundit Isaac Kosgei for the Eldo weekly.



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