Former Tac Tutor George Rop shares his Blue Print


I share with you this blueprint for
the creation of an approach to
development and leadership of the
people by the people where
everyone will equally feel the
presence of a real and true leader.

This is a testament of my cherished
faith in my community that we
come back on track and be where
we rightfully belong in terms of
development in this nation.

This is my covenant with my
constituents and through this note
of commitment I affirm my resolve
to put in place the politics of
inclusion where everyone
participates and end the politics of
betrayal where our youth are used
in campaigns and later dumped,end
politics of misappropriation of our
contituency’s resources also end the
era of misrepresentation in
parliament where our
representatives are incapable of
raising even a single point in

The majority of Kesses constituency
residents have endured inequality in
distribution of resources, pathetic
road networks and grinding poverty.
The politics which-where you come
from, who your parents are,what
your parents do,your ethnicity and
if you had voted for the leader or
not-determine your chances in life,
determine your educational
attaintments, determine your work
prospects and how you live must
come to an end.

This is my proposal for
accountability, bringing leadership
closer to the people,bringing
services closer to the people and
reducing inequality in allocation of
funds i.e bursaries. These are the
changes that go to the heart of what
is wrong in our constituency.

We have had representatives in
parliament since independence but
there has been minimal
development;the state of roads is
pathetic, education sector lacks
basic guidelines to promote and
encourage education despite the
presence of institutions i.e Moi
university at our disposal, our youth
waste in shopping centres for lack
of training for eventual employment
or empowerment to self
employment and despite the
precense of dams i.e Kesses
dam,water distribution hasn’t taken

Our plane has been on the runway
for way too long,time for take off is

Time for change is now and I
am calling upon you the
constituents of Kesses to actively
participate in bringing the desired
changes and share this noble dream
to a prosperous and an all inclusive
leadership in our beloved
Thank you and God bless you all.



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