Hon Peris Simam Wields the Power of Incumbency

It’s now evident that Eldoret South MP Peris Simam is deftly using the powers of incumbency as she seeks a second term.

There are many advantages of incumbency one being the fact that she can mix official travel with campaigning. She can also use the floor of parliament as a pulpit to showcase she still has what it takes and deserves a second term.

Lately she has been contributing regulary in parliamentary debate showing she knows how to use this asset to her best advantage.

Simam has also started a program of inspecting her constituency projects and is definitely going to use this as a campaing platform in her re-election bid.

Her connection and closeness to the political ranks tops it up for her. She can influence party decisions that may play to her advantage. Will she chose to use the incumbency weapon,she could get an edge over other aspirants.



One thought on “Hon Peris Simam Wields the Power of Incumbency

  1. where are the projects to be inspected?let her be transparent enough in bursary funding otherwise incumbency may not assist her the way she thinks.

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