Kesses parliamentary race hots up

On Friday 21st the stage was set up for a political duel at Kesses URP office opening and membership registration launch.

As predicted,a number of aspirants right from county representatives to Governorsip were present.

Theatrics could not be avoided as KNUT Executive secretary arrived in pomp escorted by bodaboda cyclists. Jonh Boor has however been accused of being an ODM insider out to act as a trojan horse for some URP aspirants.

Speculations are ripe that Boor,who has not relinquished his union post is designated to destabilise Ben Rutto’s vote base and split George Rop’s teachers block vote.

Ben Rutto,in his unique way mesmerised the crowd in a highly coated Kalenjin dialect while George Rop confirmed he was permanently on parliamentary race dispelling rumours that he had joined the race for Senatorship.

Jonathan Birgen asked voters to vet aspirants,saying he was ready to be vetted by the people.

James Bett who had ealier confirmed attendance,failed to appear amid whispers that he was considering rescinding his resignation after getting cold feet.

It was a Goliath-David battle with senator aspirant Isaac Melly carrying the day over his riddled-filled competitor Hon Jesse Maisz who cracked the crowds with his wittyism. The other senate aspirant Wareng County Council Chairman Paul Kiprop was emceeing at the said event.

The Governorship battle was clearly a drawn one with Dr Julius Bittok drawing an applause over Human resource mogul Vesca Kangogo.

Pulling crowds was Kapsaret parliamentary aspirant and businessman Oscar Sudy,who arrived in a chopper together with party officials. He dismissed as baseless claims that there were aspirants who were set to benefit from direct nominations.


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