Kesses Constituency: Whispers From The Corridors of Power

There have been stories that leaders use the Magical powers of witchcraft but this has been unheard of in Kesses until now.It is sad that educated individuals who are seeking to lead the people of Kesses Constituency can think of using such unorthodox means to try get their way to power. Our ears on the ground have it that an aspirant who performed poorly in recent opinion polls has sought the services of an old man believed to be from the blood line of Koitalel Arap Samoei,the Nandi Orkoiyot. The old man is from the famous Kapsisiywo Village in Nandi District. It is said the aspirant,known for his jokes and wittyism,was bragging to constituents at a drinking joint that wether they vote for him or not he is going to be the next area MP. The aspirant had been questioned on why he was not campaigning instead preffering to spend most of his time in social places making small talk.

Last week supporters of a parliamentary candidate were treated to confusion in a meeting convened by the candidate. The meeting was marred with confusion as the people who had attended the meeting could not figure out wether it was a launch or a prayer meeting as it had been announced since no prayers were conducted.

Whispers has it that the spouse of a presidential candidate has since ceased funding an aspirant after realizing the said aspirant was not gaining any support on the ground. It’s said the aspirant is now trying to solicit funds from friends in Nairobi. The aspirant is said to have disappeared from his home as he can no longer manage to host his constituents.

Unconfirmed reports have it that an aspirant who resigned at the begging of this month to contest Kesses Parliamentary seat has been spotted at the premises of his former employer severally. Rumour has it that the aspirant is trying to rescind his resignation after realizing his chances of clinching the parliamentary seat are slim. It’s claimed the aspirant held a high position in his previous employment and is now regretting why he left.The said aspirant was ranked bottom in recent opinion polls.

Whisper also has it that on Friday 21st there will be a launch of URP Members Registration drive at Kesses URP Office.National Party Officials are set to grace the occasion. Those who have confirmed attendance include Governor aspirants Dr Julius Bittok and Vesca Kangogo, Senate aspirants Isaac Melly and Hon Jesse Maizs and Parliamentary Aspirants Oscar Sudy(Kapsaret),George Rop,James Bett and Jonathan Birgen.



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