Hon David Koros,a Political “Suicide Bomber”

A month ago an analyst focused on Former Eldoret South MP David Koros. At that time,he analyzed his chances of being re-elected and concluded by amounting it to a Mission Impossible.

Our subscribers were provided with yet another vivid insight,important insight into “History before it happens” as it was spelled out in great detail. However,an important point was missed. What if Koros is a political “suicide bomber”?

A suicide bomber has nothing to lose,he is someone who is prepared to lose. Whatever he engages himself in is a win-win situation for him.

David Koros,popularly known as Mkombozi a Swahili word for saviour,has been rated as the best performer in terms of funds allocation. In comparison with the incumbent MP Peris Simam,the margin in terms of development is wide. He is a man of few words,deficit in language,who many say believes actions speak louder than voice.

In 2007 Koros recklessly jeopardized his re-election chances by making small but grave mistakes. Is he headed in that same direction again?Does anybody believe that Koros cares less about getting elected?

Koros has stuck to ODM, a party which has no following in North Rift,how can anyone commit such an error? It seems he doesn’t care wether he is elected or not,after all what has he got to lose? This is the thinking of a suicide bomber. Anyone would throw his birth mother under the truck to get elected into this respectable post but not Koros.

It’s however surprising that despite being in a party perceived “unpopular”,he has managed to gain support. Recent Eldoret daily polls show he is on the lead at 24%,followed closely by James Bett and George Rop who tied at 22%. This is a trend common to a suicide bomber,though he does not care at all,things work out in his favour.

He is also a man who is politically endowed and highly connected and this makes him not easy to beat,despite his being in ODM.

Wether Koros loses or not,ultimately he is going to be remembered as the man hard to beat. That is a remarkable feat. That is the life of a “suicide bomber”.

The writer Isaac Kosgey is a Political Science Lecturer and a Political Commentator-kosisaack@ovi.com


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