Wareng KNUT Executive Secretary,a Political Fraud

This is the fraud in the name of John Boor,a man who has never stood on stage to tell the truth.

He has continued to feed the electorate blood dripping pieces of red meat to gnaw. The law required all Civil Servants with political ambitions to resign,by 4th of September,at least six months before the elections. It has been confirmed that Boor did not resign.

A big lie politician,Boor can’t even keep his lies straight,first he says he will take a six month leave from union to campaign then says he will continue staying in office as he is not required to resign.

Which constitution is Boor reading from?A circular we acquired from the union clearly said all KNUT Officials who had ambitions to run for political offices were to resign by 4th August.Is it ignorance on Boor’s side or is there an hidden angle?

In a clusterness of confusion seasoned with just a scosh of comedy Boor has not even decided wether to vie for MP Post or Deputise Governor aspirant Kenneth Misoi.

His indecision stems from the fact that he hails from Ngeria which is in Kapseret and moved recently to Kesses therefore doesn’t have an home based support.

He has also continued feeding lies to the electorate that Megun ward is in Kesses months after a High Court ruling that put Megun in Kapsaret.

He is further a person with questionable moral conduct and allegations of union fund misuse puncture more holes into this political fraud. A man who spends most of his time in drinking joints,sometimes into the odd hours of the night.

He is not a policy,numbers man or an honest person when it comes to electoral matters. He is a pure fraud.

My prediction is Boor is just duping voters with all sorts of cliches in order to make a name for himself or for monetary gain. Voters will only realise Boor was hoodwinking them when his name will not be appearing on the ballot paper.

Political fraud may just be an extension and multiplication of the dirty politics we all know but it threatens our entire political system. We now have the fate of our constituency,at least partially,in the hands of those who can most brazenly commit Political fraud the likes of Boor. This is dangerous for us all.

The sooner Kesses voters understand that,the sooner they will understand the end game of such a character.

For now the path of Boor is clear,lie without ceasing right upto the day voters find his name missing at the ballot box. With his deficit policy making,big mouthed lies John Boor is clearly a political fraud.

The writer Isaac Kosgei is a Political Science Lecturer and a Political Commentator-kosisaack@ovi.com


3 thoughts on “Wareng KNUT Executive Secretary,a Political Fraud

  1. Wow! This could be one particular of the most useful blogs We have ever arrive across on this subject. Basically Fantastic. I’m also a specialist in this topic so I can understand your hard work.

    • I really find this astounding. The first question you should ask yourself is whether KNUT is categorized as a Civil Service job. I think Bor needed to resign even if it is an elective post. On the other hand, we still have Atwoli as the COTU Sec-general, yet he has repeatedly declared that he will be running for an elective post in the coming elections. My opinion is that you are being objective in your articles and portray the truth always. Otherwise, it is great that you created this webpage to sensitize our local community.

  2. It seems this writer has no room for criticism. How could you edit my post above and then ensure that I have no access to it?

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